“I love this time of year! Baseball season is now officially here. Whether you’re going to a professional baseball game or to your local neighborhood field, keep your eye on the ball and make safety a priority so that your stadium experience is more like a home run than a strikeout,” says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna.

First Pitch – Sometimes your team may not be so hot, but the weather may be.  Keep hydrated with water and other fluids especially if you’re sweating and/or your seats are in the sun.

Strike One – Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, there’s still the potential for sunburn.  Don’t cry foul when you realize you’re getting burned.  Speaking of fouls, foul balls and broken bats have the potential to enter the seating areas and concourses.  Be aware of what’s going on so that you can avoid being hit by bats or balls that fly your way.


Ball One – When a baseball is hit or thrown into the stands, excitement ensues.  Others will try to be the ‘all-star’ and want that ball.  If it’s theirs be a good fielder and back off.  If you’re sitting or standing near a railing don’t reach over the railing to attempt to catch the ball.  It doesn’t take more than a second for an accident to happen while reaching for it.

Strike Two – Look at the stadium’s seating chart to see where your seats are located so you can get an idea of what kind of clothing to wear.  Dress in layers so that you can be comfortable no matter where you’re sitting.  Bring a raincoat along if there’s a chance it could rain.

Foul Ball? – Remember, “You don’t always have to catch the ball.”  What I mean here is, when someone throws you a negative comment, look or attitude, drop it.  It’s out of play.  Forget about it.  Maintain a good attitude, be patient and maintain sportsmanship conduct at all times. We’ll all be Champs if you do so.  Practice this on and off the field!

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

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