Palm Springs CA


POPSICLES is a ‘cool’ new art installtion that can be found on Sunny Dunes road across the street from Townie Bagels in Palm Springs CA.

John Cerney, the artist, came down from Salinas. He started working at 7 o’clock in the morning on Friday March 26th and by 6PM it was completely installed,”

“Their goal is to get art in every neighborhood in town and Sunny Dunes, in particular, is a street they have been wanting to do for the last year to help support the merchants who are here and make it look more lively,” said Palm Springs Public Arts commissioner Russell Pritchard


Steve Oppenheimer, a Palm Springs resident for 20 years shared his thoughts with News Channel 3. “I just heard about the new popsicle art installation in Palm Springs. They’re fantastic! They’re so much fun! I love this.”

The Palm Springs Public Arts Commission also uses its grant programs to help out local artists struggling from the pandemic.

“They have put money in the pockets of approximately 65 local artists in this past year,” Pritchard said.

The grants are between $500 and $5,000.

“For the artist, it’s stimulus money right in their pockets,” he said.

The money comes from the City of Palm Springs Public Arts Fund.

Pritchard said he’s always looking for more artists to help liven up neighborhoods like this one.

“There’s more to come and if you’re a neighborhood in town and you see a building that needs some help reach out to them because they will hook you up with an artist, we’ll do the grant program with any neighborhood in town,” he said.

The popsicle art attraction will stay up until December 2021.

Think Keep Cool and Enjoy the Popsicles!