By Sunny Simon

     During a recent holiday luncheon with friends, we took time out to look back on the year that was and chat about our triumphs and tribulations. Discussions revolved around what we learned and how to transfer that knowledge into new year endeavors.

     Have you set aside some time to reflect on both your personal and career life as you look forward to a fresh start on January 1st? Before you do, you might consider an act of appreciation. The holiday season is an opportune time to express your gratitude to those who have been helpful to you. Articulating the difference they  made, without asking for anything, is a powerful and authentic step in building and reinforcing your relationships.  Focusing on gratitude sets the stage for a successful transition into 2019.

     Another exercise worth pursuing is to ask yourself  what gifts from the past will you bring to your future? As you look forward to the year ahead, it’s important to think about all the growth experienced in past months that will springboard you to greater victories next year. For example, think about your “can do” attitude in taking on any challenge that comes your way. Reflecting on the past you probably  found yourself in an uncomfortable situation. The moment came when you had to summon up your fortitude and grit to accomplish a positive outcome. By doing so, you grew as a professional, pumped up your confidence level and proved your ability to succeed giving you an increased awareness of your strengths.

     During the course of the career year you took on many roles. Fast forward through the projects you tackled and how the actions you took set an example for others.

     I know, on the flip side, you cannot help but think about some setbacks that occurred. Acknowledge that you recovered. Remember, it’s not about how far you fall, what counts is how high you bounce, so stay positive.

     Spending a few minutes in this type of reverie gives birth to optimism for a more meaningful, productive and fruitful future. Now, that you’ve set the stage for the future, get ready for change. Establish January 1st as a start date for any behavioral changes that will propel your career. Enter 2019 giving yourself permission to do some things differently as you drive toward a brilliant new beginning.

     As we flip the calendar and prepare for the New Year, I wish you joy, prosperity and many successes in your 2019 career life. Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at