By Aimee Mosco

“We are creators. Some people have artfully mastered this process while others are still in training. We all have great potential in this arena but like anything, it requires planning, dedication, and focus to be skilled at creating.” – Daily Agreements, Guidelines & Intentions, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, page 89.

It is helpful to view your most desired achievements as co-creative endeavors. Even if you are a leader, a loner, or a person who believes the only way to get things done right is to do them yourself, you truly do not achieve anything without support in some form.

The fundamental building blocks of creation are magnetic. The energies you lay as a platform for manifestation act like homing beacons for compatible energetic fuels, such as events and people, to support your creation process. These unseen energetic forces represent a collection of resources that are at your disposal. When you know how to invite them in with purpose, they serve to support your highest potential for achievement.


You sit in the center of your creation platform. Being mindful of what you project from within yourself proves useful since your energetic projections act as invitations to the Universe. Consider what signals you are currently sending out. Do your projections align with what it is you are intending to create? Are they magnetizing support for successful achievement of your goals?

For example: if you are looking to grow a successful business, are you projecting energies from within that tell potential customers you are worthy of their trust? If you have developed trust in your instincts and feel confident in yourself, you are projecting “trust” as a signal. You are effectively sending out an energetic invitation to the Universe to deliver customers who will trust and support you as well. If after contemplating your projections you realize that you are lacking self-confidence and are sabotaging yourself in any way with your projections, it’s time to take active measures to change the signals you emit.

Try this.

  • Think about what kinds of projected energetic messages draw support for success.
  • Make a list of the ones you think will help you most effectively and efficiently achieve your goals.
  • Turn that list into an exercise that begins with this statement of affirmation: “I am projecting from my energy field the highest possible energetic expression of…” and read your list.

When you refer to this list with repetition and regularity, you are actively committing yourself to managing the projections of your energy field, therefore managing what energies are coming back to you as fuel for your creations.

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Aimee Mosco is an Author, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Co-Founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. Aimee’s passion for helping others inspired her book “Gratitude + Forgiveness x (LOVE) = Happiness”. For more information, find Aimee at