ShareKitchen has a diverse offering of client members with one of the most unique being PS Underground, a wandering supper club.  They host dining experiences, parties and special events in art galleries, warehouses, private homes and unique locations which are only revealed at the last minute to those who reserve a seat. 
PS Underground’s owner, Michael Fietsam, needed a licensed catering kitchen in order to build his business. Because they only use a kitchen for a limited time each month, ShareKitchen was a perfect fit. 
“Without ShareKitchen, we could not have built our business. The overhead of renting or leasing a full kitchen is just too cost prohibitive when first starting an operation such as ours,” said Fietsam.
The resources offered by ShareKitchen have helped launch PS Underground’s brand and laid the foundation to help Fietsam reach his goal of becoming a viable, stand alone business. 
Since first partnering with ShareKitchen in March 2013, PS Underground has also hosted several of their secret dining experiences at ShareKitchen including a Last Dinner on the Titanic party held on the 101st anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic with guests being served the same fare as first-class passengers ate on that fateful night.  
Due to its popularity, PS Underground will be hosting an encore of their culinary theater known as Spectrum on August 2nd and 3rd.  Spectrum is a six-course culinary tour inspired by the colors of the spectrum, billed as a kaleidoscope for the senses. The evening includes libations, appetizers, wine and multi-curse feast for $89 per person plus tax. Tickets can be purchased online at
ShareKitchen is a non-profit organization located at 68805 E Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City. For more information, call 760-459-4259 or visit  For information about PS Underground, visit, call 760-636-8442 or email