The past couple of months haven’t only wreaked havoc on credit cards, they’ve also tested the limits of our guts. When we say limits, we mean both externally and internally.

Often, we hear of people gaining weight around the Holidays. Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, and a heavy dose of New Year’s … Tis’ the only season that usually offers excessive amounts of rich foods, sweets, and beverages that our bodies are not typically used to consuming throughout the rest of the year.

Due to the overabundance of “goodies”, our stomachs feel the brunt of the aftermath. Everything from an increased waistline to water retention, gas, and bloating. Yet, fear not. 2024 is here, and with it another opportunity to get healthy.


Considering the above, anyone wanting to feel better, and indeed “live longer” would make a wise investment by taking a few minutes to read this column, and consider a $100 consultation visit at the Coachella Valley’s leading Holistic healthcare center, DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE.

For nearly three decades, Dr. Johnson has served as the heartbeat of Desert Longevity Institute on
El Paseo, in Palm Desert. Dr. Johnson’s tenure as a master practitioner of health extends beyond his clinic’s existence with a lifespan of close to 45 years. Dr. Johnson has been involved with, and has witnessed more health and wellness transformations than he has sunrises and sunsets. He has been affectionately referred to as – “the doctor of last hope”.

“Q&A with DR. JOHNSON” is a column that allows readers the unique and exclusive opportunity to write Dr. Johnson and ask health-related questions. Dr. Johnson will answer questions in the order in which they are received, but there is nothing more productive when taking care of your health than by scheduling a consult with Dr. Johnson in-person at DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE.

This week’s question comes from local resident, Sam. Sam, thank you for taking the time to write us.

Sam asks:

“Dear Dr. Johnson, why do I always feel bloated after eating? It doesn’t matter what I eat, I always feel bloated. Need some help understanding what is going on. Thank you!”

Dr. Johnson replies:

“Dear Sam,

There are several possible causes for your symptoms. First: Digestive enzymes.

If your pancreas is not producing enough digestive enzymes, your food isn’t getting digested properly. When this happens, the bacteria in your gut ferments undigested food, and you end up with gas and bloating. Second: If the bacterial imbalance in your gut if “off”, the bad bacteria can overwhelm the good bacteria triggering gas and bloating. The solution is to take a high-quality probiotic. This typically works gradually and may require that you to take probiotics for many months. Third: Your gut may not have the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. One of the most important nutrients is the amino acid, glutamine. Glutamine is available as a supplement and can be very helpful.

You can try these three items one at a time, or take them all at once. If these don’t help, then you will need to see a good holistic doctor and be tested for among other things, parasites, may need a colonoscopy, and or other specialized testing.

To your good health!”

If you would like to ask Dr. Johnson a question concerning health and wellness, please write us at:


(760) 773-5994

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