It is hard to get away from all the negativity on the TV, the Internet, or print news delivered to my driveway. Just as I was comfortable with reopening the economy I watched in shock as a police officer puts his boot on the neck of George Floyd, a black Minneapolis man, that squeezes the breath out of him. He dies before he is transferred onto a stretcher. I watched over and over this senseless brutality as protests erupted all over the country followed by riots and looting. Where did all this hate come from? Has our lack of human contact turned people into raging animals? I stopped watching the news and after three months of nonstop streaming Netflix I am bored.

Usually reading leaves me sleepy. During this shocking two weeks of riots I have pushed through that sleepy barrier, finishing My Grandfathers Son a memoir by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. This book should be required reading for high school graduation. If you want to feel true racism this is the book to read. I also finished reading Plague of Corruption Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science by Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively, JD. It is third on the best sellers list. If you want to gain insight into why there is resistance to vaccines this book will offer an explanation.

Are you getting sick of Zoom? I am. I need to set my alarm ten minutes prior to the event, or I will miss it. Sorry for my stream of consciousness this stay-at-home makes it hard to be creative. Surfing the net has finally given me a topic to write about: National Pride Month.

NYC LGBTQ 2020 Pride March for June 14 to 28 has been canceled for the first time in a half-century due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The first pride march, in June 1970, honored the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising the year before, which helped sparked the modern LGBTQ rights movement. Here are events to take away your doldrums.

Kiva will be donating $15,000 to GLAAD for Pride month, as well as working with drag queen Jinkx Monsoon to put on a National Virtual Pride Parade on Saturday, June 13th through Instagram. InterPride, an international organization will hold a 24-hour virtual “Global Pride” event on June 27, to be broadcast around the world. Generation Pride is a multi-event, monthlong virtual celebration produced by celebrity florist and cannabis advocate, The Flower Daddy, Tree Femme Collective, and nonprofit hub Social Impact Center. Hosted on June 27th, the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, “The Summit” will feature a full spectrum of influential speakers, educational programming, and unique performances highlighting the intersections of LGBTQIA+ and minority communities in the cannabis space.

A sample of Pride-themed cannabis products includes the following. Passion Pride Fruit Slab, (Courtesy Fruit Slabs, Laganja Estranja), is a vegan, single serving of fruit containing 10 mg of THC, and the combination of mango, passion fruit, lemon and lime that will tickle your tongue with tangy sweetness. It is also kosher. Plus-Rainbow Sorbet gummies, a favorite for microdosing throughout the day is a precisely dosed gummy containing 5 mg of THC, making this a fun way to share cannabis with friends. SPARC, based in San Francisco, will launch its exclusive cartridge called Unicorn OG, and will donate $1 of each sale to the GLBT Historical Society.

Kiva re-released their super popular Proud Camino gummies found at Zen Noho in Los Angeles, CA. Each tropical punch gummy features a mellow serving of 5 milligrams THC, perfect for a novice user. In addition, Kush Queen, the female-founded topical and wellness brand famous for exploding the cannabis bath bomb trend suggests turning your tub into a club with their Pride Edition Bath Bombs, complete with THC or CBD, and a heavy dose of eco-friendly glitter. Find these products at the West Coast Cannabis Club in Palm Desert, CA. or Bare Dispensary in Palm Springs, CA. or other dispensaries found on weed maps.

Lastly pray for the George Floyd’s family while partaking in these events this month

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