Raw power with a primal yell that you feel in your soul, meet Remnants of Man .by Laura Anne Rowell
Described as death metal meets heavy metal, RofM brings back the early sounds of Anthrax, Megadeath and Metallica. “Yea, I’ve been inspired by those guys” says lead singer Joe Lynn “All I really listen to is heavy metal.” Unlike fellow band member and bassist Daniel Wheat who jokes that he prefers to listen to Avril Lavigne in his spare time.
This tight-knit good humored band has been friends since childhood. Growing up in the local desert there wasn’t much to do as a teenager other than getting into trouble or playing music. Luckily for these guys they excelled in the later.
This recent incarnation of the band has been around for about four years (depending on which member you ask). Drummer Alex Milward played with these guys back in high school and just recently rejoined RofM. Saying he loves to hang out with his friends and play music, Alex is happy to be back in the gang. Once a month the band gets together just to hang out, relax and not discuss music or practice. It’s apparent that they are more than band mates. They are brothers and always there for each other. They are quick with a sideways smile or nod of the head to punctuate an inside joke that they aren’t ready to divulge to this outsider. However they are quick to inform that Daniel has a third nipple and would be the first to die in a horror movie because he is double hexed being both black and the bassist. Another joke they let us in on is that Joe is not allowed to touch any equipment other than his microphone. Apparently he breaks anything of a technical nature by just glancing at it.
“Yea, it’s a bit ridiculous at this point” he states, “so I just leave the equipment to the other guys and focus more on my vocals,’’ which involves a special technique not too different from that of an opera singer. With his loud medieval screams, he would be sure to damage his vocal cords without the commitment to proper vocal exercises done on a regular basis.
When somewhat shy acting guitarist Rudy Mendez is questioned about his silence he informs us that he is still a bit hung over from the night before. I ask if they had been at a wild party. Mendez replies, “No we saw a late night showing of Ted. Marky Mark sings in it.” Not quite what most would expect from this intimidating metal group.
Guitarist Ruben Torres takes the credit for coming up with such an unusual name for the band. “I was watching the discovery channel one night around the time the band had just started and we hadn’t decided on a name yet. The show was about storms and the word remnants’ was overheard and it just popped. ‘Remnants OF MAN…that should be a band name. Wait, that should be OUR bands name!”
For this band their ultimate goal isn’t about the money, although that would be nice considering they all have day jobs ranging from licensed pest exterminator to Costco employee. No, there idea of making it would be touring Europe, focusing on the Swedish death metal junket and enough money to pay rent and have 3 beers in the frig.
They are currently working on their new album, “The Premonition” which is due for release later this summer. Until then you can follow the band on Facebook or twitter facebook.com/remnantsofman or twitter.com/remnantsofman
and hopefully coming soon www.remnantsofman.com .
Also be sure to catch one of their live shows at:
July 7, 2012 at the Red Barn in Palm Desert
July 23, 2012 at Plan B in Thousand Palms
August 4, 2012 in Joshua Tree
September 29, 2012 in Aguanga

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