By Tiar’a Literary & Illustration

The Coachella Valley is constantly being redesigned, rebuilt, and remodeled. Whether in the form of house flippers, investors from out-of-state capitalizing on an ever-evolving valley that’s boom never seems to occur downtime (despite global pandemics), or the typical three bedroom-two-point-five-bathroom home, whose inhabitants will work overtime, remortgage, or take out a loan to Keep Up With The Joneses’. The undeniable reality is that the construction trade in the Coachella Valley is here to stay. Because of this, and supported by the advent of YouTube, many these days want to keep up, and will cut every corner possible to save money, and “DIY” [Do It Yourself].

Each of us have creative thoughts, and that is what makes us not only human but “genius”. That’s right, I said it. Genius.


The true definition of genius, in my opinion, is to have creative thought and to be original. Well, guess what. There is only one of you in this life, and there will never be another one of you in this life. That makes you assuredly unique and original if you ask me. So, never let anyone tell you that you aren’t a genius. However, and sadly, as we age and are influenced by society, and/or situations, sometimes the world manipulates us into the belief that our genius isn’t real, and that if we follow along blindly with the status quo that we will eventually enjoy a safe and pleasant life. Reality, as the more mature of us have discovered, couldn’t be farther from that belief. Reality dictates that “originality” is the only truth that reveals true success – and not success analyzed by monetary value. Success monitored by original fulfillment.

You may be asking yourself why the need for this philosophical tangent? Simply put, philosophy is important in any creative endeavor – as with those who are about to or are involved with the highly creative journey experienced with any form of construction, remodeling, or rebuilding project.

DIY became a burgeoning notion during the nineteen seventies, perhaps spawned by Bob Vila, the TV host who taught viewers all the tools of the construction trade and how to apply them.  Subsequently, Bob was parodied in Disney’s 1990 hit TV series, Home Improvement. Remember, social media / television and movies, are always a reflection of the times and what is popular in society during said times. Therefore, it’s safe to say that DIY has become further popular with the advent of YouTube where we find many a Bob Vila teaching us how to save money, do it ourselves, but not always obtaining the results we would hope for.

Now, I know what some of you may say – “We learned to do DIY projects by watching YouTube and have saved hundreds or thousands of dollars”. Did you, and will you work stand up to the sands of time?

Let’s first calculate the hours you spent searching, watching, re-watching, pausing, practicing, purchasing equipment, returning wrong equipment for right equipment, trips back and forth appliance stores, accidents, trips to emergency rooms, etc. When you add up all these elements and compare them to the cost and guarantee a licensed professional would charge to remove your DIY headaches, arguments, and not-so-sure work, you may have been better off not “cutting corners”, stayed in your lane of genius, and leave the construction work to the pros.

Often men like to try to do everything. This is not a bad thing, it’s honorable. But honorability and pride don’t always get the job done right. Be content with being the genius that came up with the idea, but let the professionals handle its rendering.


The takeaway from all this is [stay in your lane] and be patient – it’s worth it! A common DIY dream project may be to relish in the invigoration of a well-manicured garden landscape. You want to create and build your fantasy-come-true yard, but don’t have a hint of where to begin. Do not attempt to place yourself in the big-bad-outdoors alone, especially, at the initial construction of doing the laborious tasks, such as laying down irrigation water lines, building walls, or fences, or pouring cement patios. Design, design, design away and allow your genius to shine – but allow a professional to use their genius to help you create. Keep in mind, “Rome was not built in a day” – it took many days. Nor was Rome designed and built exclusively by just one genius. It took many geniuses to create such magnificence. The same is applicable to any form of construction work, whether they be indoors, outdoors, from scratch, or remodeling. And if you do happen to be in the market for a construction project then we suggest you look no further than a Better Business Bureau accredited company with over thirty years’ experience serving our gorgeous Coachella Valley.

Gee-Ar-Gee Construction Co., Inc., is a privately owned business with a third-generation master-visionary-builder at the helm that have been helping locals, rebuild, repair, and remodel our valley since last century. With a plethora of references ranging from Hollywood celebrity to captains of media, including Virgin, Gee-Ar-Gee Construction Co., Inc possess the professionalism and Midas touch to complete any of your construction needs.

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