CV Weekly: Tell me about the origins of RICH Cannabis?

Rich: I’ve been in the industry for 25 years and I felt like I was being duped with the carts, I would find “all natural” or I would find the strain that I wanted specifically based on its terpenes and its full spectrum nature was not providing what I needed. I personally have had a long history in the industry specifically with concentrates. I started finding that in the vape the strains weren’t matching my experience with the strain. I wanted to provide solventless concentrates to the market so I set out to do so. I don’t want to provide distillate or product that has multiple flower sources. I prefer my product to be single sourced from one plant per batch in order for patients with health issues to be able to receive everything they need from the cannabis plant through vaping. I now have high standards for the type of products I manufacture and use. Clean is the way for me.

CV Weekly: What type of products does your company offer the recreational market?


Rich: Fully cured and cultured hash balls, hash rosin, and dry sift hash. They have a nice rind around the outside and a fresh inside.

Full spectrum CO2 carts, we call them Extra Virgin Cannabis Oil. This means it has never touched any chemicals–its only been through CO2. We don’t use any fake terpenes or cutting agents, everything is full spectrum that is removed from the plant making the oil have batch specific terpenes reintroduced

Shatter dots are another offering of .1g, .5g, and 1g. They are able to be easily dabbed that can be handled with your hands and dropped into your rig.

CV Weekly: Do you grow your own product for your concentrates? If so, can you tell me more about the quality of your flower?

Rich: Our flower is currently sourced from like-minded growers and collabs, we have a greenhouse being built and we have our license to grow. We are currently waiting on final approval from the city of Desert Hot Springs. We believe in controlled atmospheric greenhouses–which means it has heat and cooling, CO2, and rays from the sun. We look forward to being able to provide solventless concentrates from our own greenhouse harvests. Our goal is to keep up with our demand.

CV Weekly: Your hash rosin is totally unique to the market, can you tell me more about it?

Rich: We do a hash rosin and a normal hash which is more like a hash ball. We also do a dry sift hash. All of it is full spectrum, the hash ball and rosin are full melt. They are either hash which is fully cured buds that is washed and then pressed. The live rosin is frozen for about a week before it’s harvested. It’s chopped down and frozen and then its put into ice water so there are two different ways you can make ice water hash–live rosin or just regular ice water.

CV Weekly: Tell me more about your special battery.

Rich: Because we do not winterize our product it keeps the concentrate thick and viscous. We decided because we did not want to add additives or thinners that we needed a battery. It heats up the glass surrounding the product and not the coil. This allows for the oil to stay tasty and healthy for you. You aren’t burning off THC or any terpenes. It works perfect in any type of weather. Nothing leaks and you don’t lose any of the oil through the heating.

CV Weekly: Where can your product currently be found?

Rich: We are currently in 50 stores throughout California and in the Coachella Valley we can be found at Desert’s Finest, BARE Dispensary, Palm Royale Collective, West Coast Cannabis Clubs, Lighthouse, OG Collective, Organic Solutions of the Desert, and Remedy Inc.

CV Weekly: Why did you choose the city of Desert Hot Springs to be the home of RICH?

Rich: We found the sun to be really the main point for us–due to our greenhouse beliefs in growing we are excited to harness the sun’s rays and provide solventless concentrates.

You can learn more about RICH Cannabis Co visit