Valley Rhythms by Lola Rossi-Meza

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day. After performing in the morning for a private event, I was invited to join the family for a luncheon at Sammy G’s in downtown Palm Springs. Sitting on the patio and enjoying delicious food was quite a treat. Later, I decided to walk down to Las Casuelas to hear the PS Sound Company. Band members include lead guitarist and vocalist Tony Dean; Alan Diaz on drums and vocals; bassist and vocalist Paul Villalobos; and Joel Orona on keyboard and vocals.
When I arrived mid-afternoon, the band was playing “The Lazy Song” to a crowded patio with guests dancing in the shaded area. This favorite family restaurant features all types of Traditional Mexican food and features a full bar with an array of margaritas, my personal favorite the Cadillac Martini. The restaurant is now serving breakfast at 8:30 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday.
While I was standing near the stairway across from the band, I watched three adorable little girls dancing with their mothers. They were loving the music and singing “Brown Eyed Girl” in front of the stage with the band. It was a priceless Kodak moment, for sure.
Enjoying the music and observing the sea of smiling faces all around this outdoor venue, reminded me of the Wildwood, New Jersey days, when I was a child, but without the beach. As always, professional musicians, like this dynamic group, know how to read the crowd and flow from one song to another.
The dance floor was packed when Orona started singing the Latin favorite “Oye Mi Amor” by Mana. The dancers went from dancing to the Spanish rock song, right into a jitterbug grove with “Hound Dog” as Orona tickled the ivories with another chorus sung by Diaz followed by an outstanding guitar solo by Dean. Next up was surf music. They performed to a packed dance floor, but also a packed house that day, I was glad to be there. You never know what song they will call out next, but you can count on it being a winner!
They perform every Friday, Saturday and Sunday around Noon and again on Tuesday from 6 until 10:30 p.m.


According to a personal e-mail sent to me by Michael Schwibs, the lovely and multi-talented star, Carol Channing, the First Lady of the American Musical Theatre, celebrated her Ninety Second birthday at the Thunder Bird Country Club in Rancho Mirage. Actress Ruta Lee, Legendary Oscar Award winner Margaret O’Brien and zany comedic performer Carole Cook, were only a few her friends in attendance to wish her the happiest birthday ever.
Randal Malone, actor and President of the Southern California Motion Picture Council, presented his long-time friend with a very special birthday bling ring. Carol responded, “Oh, yes! Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.”