by Mike Livingston; Host, The Clubhouse Radio Show

It seems like just yesterday when Tiger Woods shocked the sporting world with his endorsement deal with Phil Knight and Nike, Inc. that was to pay him $100 million for ten years….OMG, OMG, OMG! We would have texted back then….However, times change and paltry amounts like $100 million seem like chump change by today’s standards – at least when you’re talking about the star power associated with the biggest products in the biggest markets……Nike certainly fits that billing.
Remember too that it was Nike that did NOT bail on the once-shamed golfing star that once held as many sponsors as he seemingly held trophies however after a Thanksgiving weekend-gone-rye a few years ago, Tiger’s pristine image, reputation, family life, golfing world and yes, sponsorship income suffered dramatically. Gone were some of the companies that once couldn’t wait to jump on his bandwagon and become associated with all things “winning”……funny how things change. Funny how public perception and the almighty dollar can sometimes lead to these snap decisions on whom we associate ourselves with. While so many of these were jumping ship, Nike remained……weathering the storm.
Now, with the advent of “a new breed”, as it were, Nike has again looked at the golf market as something ready to tap again and they have seen to dub Rory McIroy that next “it guy”….however, being somewhat more shrewd than other marketing gurus, they’ve done more than just get behind another guy….they’ve gotten behind two….and created a great rivalry in the meantime. Manmade or not – it’s genius!
With the year Tiger just had on the course, winning three times and climbing the World Rankings back into the Top 5 and finishing in the top 5 in multiple majors this year, it looks as if striking while the iron is hot is a great idea. Rory is Rory and is as interesting as he is young, fearless and full of potential……enough potential for Phil Knight to shell out between $200-$250 million dollars, depending on who’s counting the last few pennies. But to hedge your bet by re-investing with your old standby – your war horse, poised for a “comeback” and marketing TWO players at the same time…..that’s just smart.
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