By Denise Ortuno

German specialties abound with authentic flavors at Schnitzelhaus in Palm Desert.

I’ve passed by this popular Bavarian spot on many occasion on my way to the gym, but didn’t stop in until the other night, and oh have I been missing out. Open for lunch and dinner, the cozy gem opened 4 years ago, offering the best in traditional German dishes, from schnitzels to sausages to strudel, and so much more.

Upon our arrival, a congenial Bavarian costumed server greeted us, and with the weather being so agreeable, my boyfriend and I decided to take a seat in their quaint patio, with wood slatted tables and twinkle lights. The owner Michael, came by and helped guide us through the menu. I ordered one of their finest German beers, and took into consideration his description of the menu items, to influence my decision as to which selection would win my favor.


Equipped with his knowledge, and our motivated appetite, we landed on what would be two seriously satisfying choices. My boyfriend went for the Nuemberger Brats, with mild sauerkraut, mustard and roasted potatoes. Although, instead of the potatoes, he switched them out for their Spätzle (a type of pasta), which Michael said they were famous for. I ordered the Bavarian Schweinsbraten, roasted pork, with deep brown beer gravy, red cabbage and roasted potatoes.

Okay, first of all, let me say that the roasted pork was off the chain tender, no knife needed AT ALL! This dish was amazing, seriously the best roasted pork that I have ever had. The pork’s gravy served as a warm rich blanket, and the red cabbage was, need I say, the best red cabbage ever! It was absent of that sometimes vinegary flavor that the side dish can adopt, but rather, was smooth in its profile. It’s no surprise that I cleaned my plate.

My boyfriend’s Brats were delicious in their own right, with a mild flavor, accented perfectly with the robust mustard, and balanced sauerkraut, and the Spätzle was as good as Michael said it would be.

Now, I’m not partial to ordering dessert when I dine out, as I’m more savory than sweet ( I’m talking about my taste buds, not my personality). But for the sake of this article, I made the sacrifice and ordered their Apple Strudel. The warm dessert was meaty with dense apples, raisins and walnuts, lightened with some dollops of whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. It put me over the top, and claimed the small space that was left in my stomach.

Dining at Schnitzelhaus was a real delight, and I look forward to visiting them again soon, for some more exquisite bountiful Bavarian dishes!

Schnitzelhaus is located at 77-932 Country Club Dr., Palm Desert 92211