Purple, blue and red are all beautiful colors, but no so pretty when they appear in the form of spider veins or varicose veins. These unsightly veins generally appear on the legs, face and even hands. Once they appear they won’t go away without treatment and if left untreated have a tendency to get progressively worse. This week we’ll discuss the cause of spider and varicose veins, various treatment modalities and how to find the right physician to meet your needs.


Varicose veins are generally the result of trauma and/or genetics. Having them removed should not be cause for concern since the blood flow through these veins will simply be rerouted to healthier veins once the unhealthy veins have been collapsed. Once the veins are eliminated they will not reoccur, but treatment will not prevent other new veins from appearing.



Sclerotherapy is most commonly used to treat spider veins on the legs and hands. This effective treatment is essentially a series of injections of a sclerosing (hardening) solution that irritates the vein walls causing them to collapse and be reabsorbed by the body. The needle used is very small, but there may be a slight burning sensation upon injection of the medication. Sclerotherapy requires little to no downtime and is a relatively simple treatment. Depending on the individual, several treatments may be required.


Endovenous Laser Treatment, also known as EVT or EVLT is a popular and accurate procedure used to treat varicose veins of the legs. This more invasive procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia. It utilizes ultrasound and laser technology to close off the faulty valve that caused the varicose vein to form. Bruising is the most common side effect and patients are generally required to wear compression hose or stockings after the treatment. This technology is constantly being perfected and improved upon. It is being used more often than surgical treatments such as ligation and stripping.


Laser treatment is especially effective for facial veins. A V-beam laser or ELOS technology is the best course of treatment for spider veins or rosacea appearing on the face. Topical anesthesia should not be applied as it causes the veins to shrink, thus making it difficult for the laser to find its target. This treatment is fast and relatively painless with little to no downtime. Temporary redness and possible bruising are the most common side effects.


No matter what your vein situation may be, it’s important to receive treatment from an experienced and knowledgable physician’s office. Dr. Greenberg, The Original Vein Doctor in the desert has an outstanding reputation, offers all treatment modalities and even trains other physicians on how to treat spider and varicose veins. Itching, burning or painful vein treatments may even be covered by insurance. Dr. Greenberg offers complementary consultations and may be reached at 760.320.2200 should you or a loved one be considering treatment.


Don’t be afraid to explore your options. Being embarrassed to show off your legs in summer shorts doesn’t need to be a worry any more. Help is near and there is sure to be a an effective treatment that’s right for you!


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