By Bronwyn Ison

It took a while for me to wrap the idea of Self-Compassion around my head. You’d think this may be rather simple.  Rather it’s quite the contrary. I learned with a lot of soul searching, diligent work and digging deep that I was nowhere near showing myself the kindness and love that I needed. 

It’s likely you’re similar to the rest of the human race and your best critic is you. We’re the first to recognize our own shortcomings. Cutting yourself some slack may never cross your mind.  After all you’re human and you never make mistakes. Right? In life we fail. Quickly, we beat ourselves up because we didn’t measure up to our standards or that of society. This can create stress, tension, anxiety and depression. How does one leave the hamster wheel of life and begin a life of self-compassion?

While it may be challenging to create new habits in your life, adopting a better sense of love and kindness for yourself is something you will never regret. You will feel less anxiety and pressure when you implement a new plan and take better control of your life. 

Discovering self-compassion for yourself can be easy if you’re ready to move forward.

Self-Compassion/Self-Care ~ One-Day Retreat

Saturday, October 5, 12:30pm-4pm

A light session of yoga, meditation and a series of journaling exercises.

*Bring your yoga mat, dress comfortably and bring your favorite journal.

Evolve Yoga, 50991 Washington Street

La Quinta, CA 92253

Bronwyn Ison is the Owner of Evolve Yoga, . Join her for online classes at