The main purpose of the S.E.L.M.A. organization is to support the creation of careers that preserve cultural integrity by providing a localized showcase system of music and arts education opportunities. Support the Education of Local Music and Arts.

We are delighted to announce the presidential nomination of Sarahyah Yisrael (CFO of Futurenomic Resources) by the second chapter of Support and Education for Local Music and Arts “SelmaGrows COD” club at College of the Desert. Sarahyah has also been elected as the Outreach Program Director of the quickly growing club.

With over 7 years serving with the charitable music and arts community she has developed a deep appreciation for Coachella Valley students and their families. She consistently works to protect the sustainability of our grassroots music productions, the successes of locally owned businesses, and the preservation of the arts.

Sarahyah’s work at Futurenomic Resources supports the sponsorship and development of the feature group, “Young Fly Billionaires”, produced by Adon Icon, The “Young Fly Billionaires” is a hip hop group of siblings, Young Prince age 11, Lady A age 9, Young Princess age 8 and G-Starr age 7. The youthful and talented group embodies style that is reminiscent of Kris Kross and Raven Symone.

The inspirational story of their success is not one without adversity. Prevailing through it all, the group manages to endure and progress as a unit. The “Young Fly Billionaires” are being featured in the upcoming DHS Got Talent. Their work has been described as “dynamite” for such young artists. Adding to their interactive schedule, the Young Fly Billionaires will also be participating in a Relay for Life concert tour.


At their level of experience, having supporters is crucial to the propulsion of their careers. With the assistance of Sarahyah and SelmaGrows COD, the group is seeking support from our community. Friends, families and fans are what will increase their opportunity and hopefully create a positive impact on the family experience. For more information and how to donate, check out their Kick starter page on the Futurenomic Resources website

We can make a difference by working together. Thank you for your support.