With temperatures peaking over 100 degrees we all know that summer is around the corner which is great news for local foodies as a whole new crop of summer seasonal fruits and vegetables will be arriving at our local farmers’ markets and grocery stores.
The month of May ushers in the stone fruit family bringing with it apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums. For all of the cherry fans out there, the month of May is the last chance to enjoy these tiny stone fruits which pack a powerful antioxidant punch. Raspberries also hit the seasonal scene this month and will stick around through July along with other summer favorites including strawberries, artichokes and asparagus.
We all know that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is important to our overall health and that eating organic when possible eliminates our consumption of harmful chemicals and pesticides. In addition to the health benefits, organic farming practices reduce contamination of the land which means sustainable crops high in nutritional value for present and future generations.
It’s not always possible to eat organic because of budgetary constraints and availability so it’s important to know which fruits and vegetables give you the best organic bang for your buck. This summer season, your best budgetary bet is to buy organic strawberries, nectarines and peaches. More than 60 different types of pesticides used to fight fungus and pests have been found on these fruits.
Our local Certified Farmers’ Markets (http://certifiedfarmersmarket.ning.com/) are the best way to take advantage of the summer bounty and support our local economy at the same time. Many of the farmers at the market practice organic farming methods and buying locally reduces costs and pollution by eliminating excess transportation. Be happy on the inside – eat well, be well, buy locally and consume sustainably. www.ShareKitchen.org


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