by Angela Janus

In order to avoid getting sick from the foods you eat this summer, remember these simple rules as it relates to food handling, preparation and storage.

When handling food, wash your hands before and after.

When preparing food, you must clean and sanitize the surfaces that you are working on before and after in order to reduce germ levels. Proper cleaning is a two-step process:

Clean with soap and warm water

Rinse with clean water.

Dry by air or paper towel.

Spray surface with sanitizer

Leave sanitizer on the surface long enough to kill germs

Dry by air or paper towel.

Being clean is far less expensive than most people think. Bleach is an inexpensive and effective sanitizer.  You need only one teaspoon of bleach to one quart of water.  You can then use this mix to clean your surfaces.

When preparing produce, cut away bruises or damage.  Wash before you peel and use a scrub brush for firm produce.  Remove the outer leaves of leafy vegetables and wash each leaf.  When done, pat dry with a clean cloth.  If possible, use one of the chemical free washes available in most grocery stores.

You should know that many of the foods you eat are irradiated.  Manufacturers state that this makes what you eat safer.  As many studies now show that this process increases your risk to cancer, it is best to avoid produce, eggs, meats and spices that are irradiated.  While many large farms irradiate, you can be certain that organic produce, eggs, meats and spices cannot be treated in this manner.

Also remember to fully cook your eggs and meat.  Meats should be kept at below 40 degrees until cooked.  After cooking, you can refrigerate leftovers if they have been kept at the room temperature if it is under 90 degrees for no more than two hours.  Over 90 degrees and you have no more than one hour.




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