By Denise Ortuno Neil

Long gone are the days when women had limitations on how to make themselves beautiful, and with Sheryl Taffolla’s New Age Glamour, new age beauty is here.

Born in New Orleans, Taffolla came to the desert as a young lady back in 1968 with her mother. She started her beauty career by doing electrolysis and was successful doing it for 13 years.

Taffolla admits to being a make-upholic, and has always been “Into Skin” as she puts it. She got into permanent make-up by seeking it out for herself and was skeptical at first when she saw it done. She noticed that she could do a better job at it, and she did. She found someone to train her in the art of permanent make-up and then did her own permanent make-up on herself, then her mother and all of her friends and proceeded to open her salon and has been doing it for over 25 years.


Getting into permanent make-up actually came as an answer to her prayer. She had gone to St. Francis church in La Quinta asking for guidance in her life. She wanted to find a way to be able to put her kids through college and not have to struggle from pay check to pay check. Soon after, her prayers were answered when she got the connection to do permanent make-up.

Her New Age Glamour salon in Palm Desert offers a variety of permanent make-up services including, permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and beauty marks. They also offer micro-needling, which was invented in her office years ago and has since become one of the hottest trends around. Micro-needling is a process done by needling the skin to shore up collagen reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Taffolla has a strong family life. She has been married for 37 years and has three children, her 37 year old daughter and two sons, 31 and 29. She is also a proud grandmother with three grandchildren. She was able to balance raising her children while doing her business in part because of the freedom that owning your own business provides, and she didn’t go full time until her children were grown.

Family time is important to her, and she uses her time away from her business to go on short family out of town jaunts to places like San Diego, and try’s to visit her home town of New Orleans as often as she can.

Taffolla looks forward to the future in her business, and will continue to offer cutting edge technology to her clients. She also intends to teach her skills to others at some point, raising the bar of standards in her industry to provide better services to the public and opening other salons under her supervision. She states that the problem with her industry of permanent make-up is that there aren’t any governing standards at the moment, no licensing as her business falls under the tattooing category. Her goal is to help implement curriculum, regulations and licensing to make her industry better as a whole. She encourages those interested in having services provided to them with permanent make-up to do their homework, as there can be businesses out there that may not be up to the standards that her salon is. “Buyer beware!” she says.

New Age Glamour was truly an answer to her prayers, as it has provided well for her family, allowing her and her husband to put all of their children through college just like she asked and leaving her days of pay check to pay check well behind her. “Anything you do, try to be the best at it and be honest,” says Taffolla, which is a very refreshing and progressive sentiment matching this wonderful New Age of Glamour.
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