Hello All,
Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, I give a 30 minute SIMPLE talk on natural health topics at my office on 74361 Hwy 111, suite #3, between Deep Canyon Drive and El Paseo, across from ‘The Hood’ bar and grill.
The talk starts at 6:00 and is usually over at 6:30 but may be later depending on questions. I love questions and discussions!
Tuesday July 9th I am talking about “Cholesterol Friend of Foe”. I will be discussing the other side of cholesterol and saturated fats that we do not usually hear about. The information may surprise you! The more you learn about how the body works, the more you will understand what is really healthy and what is not. This may not be the same as what we are told by the drug companies and fast food producers! References will be provided.
I would love to see all of our CV Weekly readers there.
www.JillColemanRN.com (blog site)
760 912-3797