By Bronwyn Ison

Take a look around your office, house, closets, kitchen cupboards and especially your garage. What do you see? An environment organized or in disarray? If you are like many it is likely you are not organized and you are looking at clutter. Recognize how this may make you feel. When it comes to tangible items less may be more.

The good news is that you are not alone when it comes to possessing to much. If you crave peace, calmness and an organized space… it is time to discard unnecessary items. The mere thought of this task may be daunting. For many, the process of letting go is overwhelming. Releasing excess possessions such as shoes, clothes, furniture or supplies can also mean letting go of your past. One has to be ready to move forward. Yet, it may be that one simply does not know how to streamline the tendency to hoard.

A key component to letting go and desiring more organization in your life is to visualize your space minus the clutter. Try this; write down a few answers to some simple questions. How do you envision your environment? What do you need to change too become and stay organized? Are you making space for something else? How will the space look, feel and function when the task is complete? How will you benefit with organizing your space? It is important to be comprehensive.

Reflect on the last time you organized your space. Perhaps it was when you moved to a new home or office space. Contemplate how it felt to be in control of your space. Did you feel rejuvenated? Were you calm and relaxed? Did you feel more motivated about life? When our space is clear we can think with a level head. The clutter is dismissed and one can function positively.

As you let go you must prioritize what needs to be released. Which belongings are the most important? Do you need more space for your activities? Decide how much is enough? For example, before you attack your closet, set a realistic goal. How many t-shirts is enough ~ 5, 10, 15 or 50? If you have space for it and you have a good answer as to why you need so many t’s, strive and meet your goal.

Work past obstacles such as, I may need it someday and it was expensive. Decide on your “someday” and accept the money has been spent. Designate the “someday” and date the box. If the date comes and goes then it is time to release. Hanging onto an item is not going to bring your money back. If you decide to sell it, you must accept the loss of your original investment.

Relinquishing your possessions will be liberating. Just think someone else will enjoy something that was once yours. It’s charitable and will foster a feeling of giving back.

Bronwyn Ison is the Owner of Evolve Yoga. or (760) 564-YOGA (9642)