Extra! Extra! SunDaze are here every day!

By Rick Riozza

You readers know me to be rather level-headed. Even when I recommended last week a Burgundian Pinot Noir that sells for over $40,000. a bottle, I didn’t beg and plead with you to purchase it—I simply gave you the skinny on the wine while discussing the Dijon region of France.

So if it sounds now like I’m over-the-top with this new Sundaze Fermented Cocktail brand—well, I guess I am. In the time of Hard Seltzer sales taking over the shelf-space of our favorite German and Mexican beers, let’s do keep some space available for one of the best refreshing fermented cocktails around.

But who knew! SunDaze is not a hard seltzer, rather it’s “a new kind of mimosa.” The PR on the product states: “SunDaze is a revolutionary new line of delicious, juice-based, ready-to-drink cocktails created using an exclusive, patented fermentation process that transforms the juice’s sugar into the alcoholic content, while reducing overall sugar. The drinks are light, refreshing and highly sessionable (that means you’ll drink more than one 😉).”


The info continues: “Sophisticated simplicity in every can of SunDaze. The alcohol (6.0% ALC/VOL) in our cocktails comes from our unique fermentation process. We emphasize fewer, quality ingredients for an authentic taste experience because we believe a great cocktail should be simple in creation and sophisticated in taste.”

That’s the official story on their fun website. You can check it out at drinksundaze.com where you can catch a couple of brief videos of young ladies loving and recommending the cocktails, and read about the ingredients of the three current cocktails in the brand’s portfolio. You’ll also read about the co-founder and head of innovation, Juan Diego Cordón Toledano, and co-founder Arthur Gallego, whom I met when he came into my wine aisle at the Ralph’s Palm Springs market.

I had seen Arthur in our store many times but had not met him. He introduced himself and told me all about his SunDaze brand. Later that day, comfortably at home, our family sampled the three canned cocktails and were wonderfully impressed—because we’ve never been impressed with any canned cocktail! These “mimosa-style” beverages won us over immediately. And, at around $14.99 a four-pack, it’s one of the best deals in town.

And speaking of town, one of the impressive facts surrounding this brand is that Arthur’s inspiration for the brand design is found here in Palm Springs. In a recent interview with Palm Spring’s Life, Gallego said, “SunDaze was really inspired by my time in Palm Springs. There’s something really beautiful about the way light ripples on the water here. The colors on the packaging are also inspired by midcentury architecture. Traditionally, in beverage design, you’d put a splash around a piece of fruit to be your cue that it’s refreshing, but I wanted to do something that was more wild and reminiscent of having a good time.”

The periodical then went on to ask Arthur to describe his product. His response was: “My opening line to people is: ‘Hey, do you like mimosas?’ If they say no, they’re gone. But if they say yes, I’m like, ‘This is not a mimosa. But it sorta tastes like a mimosa!’ Then, I start describing our patented process that naturally transforms the sugar in the juice into alcohol at the same time that it’s burning off the sugar. We only have 7 grams of sugar in a can. It’s a flavorful alternative to that glut of hard seltzer. There’s too much hard seltzer out there.”

Alright then—our tasting report is some of the best news in this new category of canned beverages: The stuff is stellar!! I know I’m a knucklehead when it comes to appreciating the hard seltzers on the shelves today, but SunDaze tastes and feels great. It’s like a cocktail served at a fun Tiki Bar.

The Classic Citrus Cocktail is lively and refreshing; the Spicy Citrus Cocktail is the same quaff but with a little jalapeno and thai chili in the mix (don’t be scared, it’s wonderful!) and the Botanical Citrus Cocktail was just as refreshing but with a bright flair of rosemary and ginger—a great cleanser and accompanying drink for all patio fare. Do go online and read about the healthy ingredients of each beverage.

It’s a great deal at around $14.99 at your local markets. I’m getting it in Ralphs Palm Springs as write. Cheers!

Just last month the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort launched their “Chill Out Offer” for summer, inviting guests to ‘Check In” and “Chill Out” at the property, which offers a plethora of activities from golf, mini golf and tennis to bird feeding and a newly debuted Entertainment Zone (the largest resort arcade in California) offering fun for all ages with rates starting as low as $344 per night.

Particularly, this is the info I received: “JW Marriott is incentivizing locals and travelers alike to book a stay by offering $150 Resort credit (per day) to be put towards golf, spa treatments, dining and/or tennis. And, to maximize time, guests can opt for an early 10am check-in and a late check-out at 5pm. The deal is available Sundays thru Thursday until August 31.

To remind you, the iconic resort recently unveiled a multi-million-dollar redesign and is home to The Spa at Desert Springs, which underwent a major refresh and boasts an extensive new treatment menu including Desert Journey—a one-of-a kind 90 min experience that utilizes all-natural desert ingredients. For younger guests, The JW Family Passport offers fun-filled creative adventures.

Sorry folks for being so late on the news, but if you have the inclination, there’s a little time left to take advantage of the summer deal. Hey—it never hurts to give the JW Marriott a call to see what’s going on for relaxation anytime! Cheers!