By Curtis Hendricks

I had the great pleasure of being invited to the King of The Springs show at VUE, Indian Wells Golf Resort. Not long after taking my seat and sipping on a glass of red wine did the stars of the evening begin tuning their instruments, filling the room with a mysterious haze of random riffs and beats as they warmed up. Slim Man and his accompanying musicians wowed the audience and this long-time musician, like few others. Their combination of Jazz, R&B, and funk styles were both pleasant and moving.

My first interest was focused on the drummer, Patrick Ready. A drummer myself, I instantly noticed his smooth grooves that flowed and occasionally punchy accents that helped keep the audience moving and grooving. On Sax was Rodney Taylor. With soaring melodies, Taylor brought life into the ensemble. Tateng Katindig hit the keys with grace. His playing completed the ambiance of the group. The front man, Slim Man, knew how to play to the crowd’s needs. Slim connected with the crowd and lead them through each song with charisma and passion.

As a musician, there is no question about the musicality of this group. Individually, they could solo and hold their own with the best. As a group, together, they are tight, and know how to play off of each other. Slim Man has one of the hardest jobs in musical performing, playing the bass guitar and singing lead melodies can be very difficult, but Slim pulls it off with ease.

I had a great time listening to Slim and the band. I danced with my wife and enjoyed delicious food and wine. I highly recommend coming to experience Slim Man at VUE every Saturday night from 9:30pm to 12:30am with great music, dancing, and a late night happy hour.