By Pate Purcell

It’s been a couple of years since Slim Man decided to leave the east coast and move out to the desert. This multi-talented singer, musician, composer, producer, writer and performer with 14 CDs under his belt made the move to be closer to the jazz music scene in California. He recently won “Best Jazz Vocals” at the CV Music Awards, much to his delight. An award well-deserved for this pro.

Since he’s been here he’s published his first cookbook which he worked on for years, filled with delicious quick healthy Italian recipes and interesting well-written stories about his experiences in the music business.

His book has been selling well and he’s teamed it up with special invitation only dinners for 12 people at Kitchen Kitchen in Indian Wells. His next one is Saturday, June 18.

He has recently sung at parties for music mogul Clive Davis, and Barbara Sinatra–who has been singing his praises. This ‘kiss from the queen’ has put him in a very special position in the land of the iconic Rat Pack.

Slim Man started his career writing songs for Motown and has continued writing, recording and performing some of the most romantic music in the smooth jazz world. Most recently he has been emceeing and singing in the Celebrity Jazz Jam series held at Desert Willow Golf Resort with a funny repartee. He’s been doing everything from his originals to blues, pop and even a little Prince with “Kiss”.

He continues his national touring career and is performing around Southern California where he’s had sold-out shows at some venues. His next performance is at the Festival of the Arts, Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach on Wednesday, July 6 with his full band.

Slim Man just got finished performing at the KSBR Birthday Bash in Oso Viejo Park where the cream of the crop get together to jam. From Peter White to his bff Marc Antoine (who recently moved to Southern Cal) everyone jammed to the delight of the crowd.

Slim Man said he’s writing some new music with no agenda. He’s just sitting down at the piano, guitar or bass and just lets it flow. This is something he hasn’t done in a long, long time. He says it’s time to ‘shake it up’ and do something different. He’s written one song with kind of a ‘crazy beat’. He’s just opening the floodgates and planning on coming up with something new and original. He’s finally gotten into the California vibe which is very laid-back when compared to the east coast hustle and bustle.

He’s also been working on a TV show with a producer who has started a new Internet TV channel. It will be showcasing lots of Slim Man’s cooking videos. He’d like to do a TV show that combines music and cooking, and is working towards that goal.

I told him after he won his “Best Jazz Vocalist” award, “In 5 years you’ll have a star on the walk of stars in Palm Springs.”

Slim Man is a prolific writer and sends out a great and entertaining newsletter filled with humor, current happenings and great recipes. Visit his site at to check it out, and pick up his new cookbook–which comes with a free Slim Man CD.

Slim Man will be pinch-hitting for me with my jazz column in CV Weekly this summer as I will be out for the summer RV-ing around the west. I think you’ll find him entertaining and informative.

Kudos to Slim Man, he’s on a roll! Congratulations on your award.

Patte Purcell – Muze Muzic