By: Bronwyn Ison

Are you consistently finding yourself rushing from one appointment to another? Are you overbooking yourself?  Are you in tune about what you can accomplish in an hour, day, week, or months time?  Each person feels the daily stresses of life.  Yet, you may be sustaining too much responsibility. If the stress is becoming consuming it is time to slow down.

If the above represents your life you may need to restructure your daily habits.  Stress is a silent killer.  Some stress is beyond our control.  The daily stress we endure can be manageable. Gaining control of your own behavior is vital.  If feeling anxious is taxing then you must implement a different way of thinking in tandem with your actions.

Organizing your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems may allow you to get synchronized.  When the sympathetic nervous system is aroused, we are placed on alert, also known as our “fight-or-flight” response.  The parasympathetic nervous system when aroused produces a feeling of relaxation. The two systems work congruently; as one becomes active the other displays less activity.  Our society is high strung and we generally live in a high alert mode.  Therefore, relaxation is difficult to achieve by most people because we are constantly in motion physiologically.  Here are a few suggestions on how to slow down and take it easy:


Try doing less.  You may be asking yourself, how can I possibly do less when I have so much to do?  Try lessening your load.  Is there someone you can delegate your responsibilities to?  Focusing on what is important. Schedule appointments far enough from one another so you lose the feeling of being overwhelmed.  This could allow you time to take a snack or coffee/tea break.
Be in the present.  How often do you deviate from the present?  Make a list of to-do’s to help you stay focused.  You may feel more organized and be able to better manage your time efficiently. Your mind will not waiver and worry about what needs to be done in the future.
Disconnect from devices.  Shut down your phone, computer and anything else that may distract you.  All of the above complicate your thoughts.  Even if you think you cannot live without your phone… leave your device behind on your lunch break.  Our devices can create stress.
Focus on people.  How many times do we see people fidgeting on their phones when they should be enjoying their lunch date? Our physical presence may be there but our minds are multi-tasking. Attempt to connect at your next lunch meeting rather than worrying about what may or may not be on the agenda.
Breathe.  We are short in our breaths and we are creating self-inflicting stress.  Stop, take 10 breaths, and begin again if needed.  Feel the smoothness of your breath move through your body and bring yourself back to center.  Relieve the stress through breathing techniques.

The above suggestions are meaningful.  Choose one and try it for a day.  Work your way down the list. You will find it is not as difficult as you may think.  You will find clarity in your thoughts and your days will flow more smoothly.

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