By Flint Wheeler

A guy walks into a Vegas Sportsbook wearing a Trench Coat, large billed hat and a Wad of Money. He looks both ways, walks up to the Counter, and puts down a Stack of Bills. The Room is hushed. In a Low, almost too low to hear voice he says, “Michigan -3.”

And so that’s Sharp Money right? Of course it is, and the guy in the Trench Coat is a WISEGUY. You rarely see these guys any more, mainly because Trench Coats are out of style, but they are definitely in the room. Oh yes they are.

But of course I jest. Sharp Money is probably the most misunderstood concept of Sports Betting. But it is really easy, it’s just been Glamorized by Touts as being something that it is not. Most refer to these WISEGUYS as SHARPS denoting the fact that these Fellas are the BOMB and what they say and do it the WORD. So much so that people CHASE what these guys do..


On any given day on Twitter one can see 1000’s of Tweets similar to “The Sharps are on Michigan.” Unfortunately most of the Tweeters doing this have no clue. In my Circle of Friends we don’t use the Term SHARPS, and we don’t use the Term WISEGUY. Well except when we want a good laugh. The People that use these terms are most always just repeating what they hear and most are just misinformed.

Sharp Money is actually a very simple concept. It Simply is Money that is Bet at the Best or Near Best Number during the Betting Cycle. That’s it. You don’t have to wear a Trench Coat to do it. And you don’t need a Wad of Money. That means that if Michigan Opens at -3 and you bet the other side (Let’s say Ohio State) at +3 and the eventual closing line is Michigan -1, then you were SHARP and you bet SHARP MONEY. Consequently if you waited and Bet Michigan PK or -1 during the Betting Cycle you too are SHARP or SHARP MONEY. It’s NOT about Winning, it’s about Betting your Favorite side or Total at the Optimum Level.

Do you see how that works? Betting the Best Numbers these days is not easy since we have more things, more people, more info, that moves numbers. And these things move numbers FAST. It is why and it why I have said that “You can’t make money following Sharp Money because by the time you do, it ain’t Sharp anymore.” Being SHARP Money should be the Alabama is now the co-favorite along with Ohio State to win the College Football Championship in January, thanks to their huge 30-16 over LSU this weekend.

Alabama entered Saturday’s game vs. L.S.U. with 6-1 odds to win it all and come out the 5-2 favorite tied with the Buckeyes, according to the Westgate LV Superbook.

Clemson, who also scored a big win over Florida State this week, have the next best odds at 4-1, followed by Baylor at 12-1, Stanford at 15-1 and Notre Dame and Oklahoma State at 18-1.