By Aimee Mosco

“Your body is an effective message delivery center of communications from your soul.” Gratitude + Forgiveness X(Love) = Happiness, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, page 40.

You have probably already figured out that the significant experiences of your life serve a higher purpose. Even when you judge those experiences as “bad”, it is hard to deny there is value in them because you always learn something from an experience or event that leaves any kind of mark on you.

While we all have different paths and unique journeys, we have one thing in common at the soul level. It is our overarching purpose to learn. When you grow, your soul grows with you. Your soul, as an eternal force of light, is driven by this growth, so this soul desire is inescapable. It runs as a current underneath all of the events that unfold in your life.


It is helpful to keep this in mind when you are facing any kind of challenge and in particular, physical health imbalance. The lessons you learn from body challenge equals growth to your soul. When you choose to look at a physical body struggle as a spiritual set-up, your perspective automatically shifts. This altered view inspires you to look for the lesson and growth opportunity even when you are uncomfortable.

You signal your soul with a shift like this, letting your inner self know that you have gotten the point. Multiple energetic adjustments happen in the non-physical layers of your energy field when you expand your view like this and open yourself to the learning. When you are busying your mind to decode this communication from your soul that has landed in your body, you devote less brain power to fear. The energy of fear sets up roadblocks in the delicate pathways that deliver restorative flow to your body from the outer layers of your aura. So, if you have diverted your thoughts to growth, you are allowing those pathways to remain open and healing energy to come through.

You do not need any special skills to or training to receive the communications that come through your body. You only need to commit yourself to listening. Devote some time to sit in quiet with your body and express your intent to gain some level of understanding that corresponds with the imbalance. Keep in mind, too, that your soul is invested in your success. Invite this divinely aligned part of you to find other ways to speak to you and ask for an accelerated flow of healing energy to grace you through these open pathways.

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Aimee Mosco is an Author, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Co-Founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. Aimee’s desire to help others inspired her first book “Gratitude + Forgiveness x (LOVE) = Happiness”. Aimee serves as Vice Chair to the World Game Changers Board of Directors, a charitable CIC based in the UK. Find Aimee at

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