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By Bronwyn Ison

Do you find yourself falling into a seminal moment of comparing yourself to others? We are all guilty of this action. How is this working for you?  Comparing yourself to others may be a source of motivation but it can also be dangerous.  Social media lends us access to continuous material of what is transpiring in peoples lives. I have witnessed friends self-doubting who they are based upon what other people have posted. Yikes!  A comparison and constant attempt to keep up with the Joneses will lead to self-deprecation.

Let’s take a look at why comparing yourself to others and what they may be thinking of you is damaging to your psyche.

Research tells us comparing yourself to others reaps havoc on your self-esteem.  If you are seeking downward growth, comparing yourself with others will be a sure-fire way to get there.  Doing so can also lead to depression and envy of others. Remaining confident, appreciating your gifts and talents will be a friendly reminder of what you have been given in life.  Be mindful not to compare yourself to others who are less fortunate.  This can come at a price as well.  Thinking you may be better than someone else may be a sign you are relishing in another’s misfortune. This creates jealousy, insensitivity and may result in a mean spirit.

Truth be known, most people are self-absorbed.  While we may be looking at what others have attained we fail to recognize they may not be as happy as we think.  When asked, “how are you doing?” our response is generally positive in nature.  Most of us do not respond with how we really feel.  We have a tendency to distort information.  However, it is at your discretion as to how you care to respond to people.

Inefficiency in your day-to-day life will manifest if you are constantly wishing you looked better, had more friends, had a better car or home, had a better job, etc.  Your motivation and zest for life will be exasperated if you continue on such a destructive path.  Living a fulfilling life should be your goal.  One actually decreases their goal attainment when comparing themselves with others.  Take a look at your values, beliefs and what you really need in life.  Reflect upon your achievements.  Remind yourself that you are wonderful and have accomplished many if not most of your goals.  Have you ever thought someone might want to be just like you?

You will not reach your destiny if you are trying to emulate somebody else.  I am firm believer that each of us has predetermined plan for our lives.  If you continue to compare yourself with others you will always falter.  You are meant to be who you are and not a version of someone else.  Be the best version of you!

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA (9642)