Stuft Pizza will celebrate its 10th Anniversary at the Palm Desert location on Friday, July 12. The event will feature an all-day $10 menu and fun giveaways. The business will be recognized at a special celebration at 4pm, when the City of Palm Desert and the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce honor Stuft for their legacy and community service. The daylong celebration rocks on through the evening when The John Stanley King Band will perform live from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Jack Bertram and his wife, Pat, opened the first Stuft Pizza in Cerritos, California in 1976. Jack experimented for close to 9 months, developing the recipe for the delicious pizza we have today. Although the small store did only pizza and was take-out only, its emphasis on the highest quality product led to its success. Jack and Pat opened their second store two years later in Whittier. The original over-the-counter concept kept growing, and in 1986, Stuft Pizza became a franchise.

Unlike the franchisee owned stores, which can be found outside the Coachella Valley, both Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill locations in the desert are unique. The Bertram Family owns and operates both the Old Town La Quinta and the Shops of Palm Desert.

The idea was to take the original “pizzeria” and put a fun spin on it. What brought people to Stuft Pizza more than 45 years ago is still what brings people through its doors today. Under second generation leadership, John Bertram and his team are eager to deliver an extraordinary culinary experience, everyday. For our meat lovers, Prime Rib, and Pork Chops are 2 favorites. Salmon and Ahi Tuna delight with wine pairings that deliver healthy and fresh options this summer. And the Classic house pizza is a must have.   Visit