It is a well-known fact that that there is no shortage of Steakhouse restaurants in this valley to choose from, but when I want a little more than a great steak, I go to Sullivan’s Steakhouse. For as long as I can remember, they have had a reputation for great food, service and entertainment, and I could not think of a better way to spend a Friday night on the town.
I was lucky enough to reserve a table in the dining room at 7:30 and when I was seated with my guest, I could not help but notice, we had taken the only available table in the restaurant. I always feel reassured when I am dining in a restaurant where everyone wants to be. We were quickly greeted with a smile from our server and a cocktail suggestion that sounded too good to pass up. “The Knockout” is a martini-style cocktail made from a fresh pineapple infused orange vodka, and as the name implies, it packs a punch! One was just enough to get me going.
After hearing a few suggestions and specials from our very knowledgeable server, we decided to start with an appetizer. The Lump Crabcake was not a typical crabcake that you find heavily breaded and deep-fried; rather, it was tender and flakey, full of large chunks of crab meat. Outstanding! The salads were generous in portion and flavor. The star of the show, however, was their featured, bone-in dry-aged rib-eye steak! It had a bone you could hit a home run with! As I cut into this masterpiece, it was a perfect medium-rare and the bourbon peppercorn sauce I ordered on the side was a perfect addition. There is nothing worse than going to a steakhouse and having your steak cooked to the wrong temperature. This has never been a problem for me at Sullivan’s. My date ordered the filet mignon, Oscar style, topped with béarnaise sauce, lump crabmeat and asparagus. It was tender enough to cut with a butter knife. With fresh green beans, and a creamy, three-cheese macaroni, our meal was complete… well, almost. In discussing dessert, my companion revealed to me that she had never had crème brulee before. How could this be? It was settled and we were served the largest crème brulee I have ever seen! We did our best and made it through half of the dish.
When we left, the restaurant was still full and the atmosphere was very much alive with locals and tourists alike. You can often find live music in the lounge and visit their website for special events and information. Palm Desert’s Sullivan’s Steakhouse is one of 20 locations, spreading as far as Anchorage, AK. Check them out all summer long to see why they are so successful. Sullivan’s is located in the heart of Palm Desert at 73505 El Paseo Drive, suite 2600. Dinner is served nightly from 5:00 pm and open until 10:00 pm Sun-Wed, 11:00 pm Thurs-Sat. Visit them at

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