By Bronwyn Ison

We wash our hands several times per day. We brush our teeth two or three times per day.  We rarely give thought to how often we should cleanse our body internally.  Before you read on, how do you feel right now?  Answer honestly.  Now, proceed if any of the symptoms below resonate, it may be time for a little internal assistance. 

Being lackadaisical about taking care of yourself internally can reap havoc on you.  Toxins can build up within resulting in various health issues.  If you recognize a lack of energy, you feel confused or are experiencing a gain in weight; it may be time to cleanse your system.  Additional symptoms include bloating, irritability, being lethargic, constipation, aches, dull skin complexion, always hungry or an ongoing craving of sweets and carbs.  These symptoms are indicative of toxic build up.   

How often should we cleanse our body?  Most expert’s conclusions vary.  I personally believe you should act, based upon how you feel.  One can never go wrong with a diet rich in raw foods and high proteins.  There are numerous cleansing options.  Safely research what will suit your needs and daily rituals.  Obviously you will need to compromise. This is all a part of the process. 


Getting started will be half the work.  You will need a measure of dedication. Resolve to finish what you start.  Some cleanses are offered three to five days.  Or, you can dive deep into a 14-21 day cleanse.  Be prepared to feel a bit moody or irritable.  Remember your body will be shifting from toxic to clean.  Once you get over the hump you will feel rejuvenated, less stressed, healthier in mind, body and soul.

Rather than jumpstarting your day with coffee, commence your day with one green juice.  Your body will be infused with vitamins.  You will be energized, alert and enthusiastic.    

If you own a juicer, I highly recommend dusting it off and putting it to good use.  I also recommend shopping for organic produce.  Our valley is abundant with local farms and they offer several organic choices.  Or, visit a local juice bar if you are on the move. 

One of my all-time favorite juices, Apple~Carrot~Ginger~Lemon.  This concoction is an immunity elixir.  Here are a couple of recipes to get you started. 


2 apples
5 carrots
1 inch slice ginger
1/4 lemon, peeled                          

Sweet Broccoli Juice

1 head of broccoli

3 celery stalks
2 oranges, peeled
1/2″ ginger root

If you are seeking to cleanse internally it may be advantageous to seek a nutritionist.  They will be able to custom order all that you need.  Juicing is fun and it’s refreshing.  Be ready to feel recharged, healthy and ready to conquer your bad habits! 

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Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga, 760.564.YOGA(9642)