In today’s addition to my terpene series we’ll be exploring limonene. Like its name, this terpene has a citrus aroma which can be found in strains like Lemon G, Super Silver Haze, Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel. Most cannabis strains featuring this terpene are sativa, but indica strains can sometimes also have high levels of limonene. Strains featuring limonene can be known to be great for motivation with an energy boost and reducing stress. In the world outside of cannabis, limonene is found in lemons, juniper, and rosemary.

Limonene is therapeutic for the body because it can reduce stomach acid, lessen anxiety, suppress inflammation, and fight fungal infections. It is also known as the “anti-cancer” terpene because it can reduce the size of certain cancerous tumors, or eliminate them completely. Limonene is great for folks who tend to stay away from sativa strains due to racing thoughts, anxiety, or paranoia. A limonene rich strain will not give the user those feelings.

To dose effectively, vaping is recommended. A dry herb vaporizer like the Da Vinci IQ, Firefly +, or PAX 3 gives you the opportunity to select the exact temperature of your vaping session. To release limonene terpenes from your limonene rich strain, set your vaporizer to 350 degrees to receive the full benefits of this terpene. Vaping is the purest and cleanest way to experience terpenes from your cannabis flower. I highly recommend looking into the above vaporizers and experiencing one to grasp the full feeling of individual terpenes.


As phase 3 terpene testing becomes more prevalent in the California cannabis industry, get ready to see more research on the subject. We can look forward to more brands taking a terpene focus and more marketing materials focusing on terpenes to enter the dispensaries. I foresee that dispensaries and brands alike will begin educating and training heavy on terpenes and how to shop for them. Some brands such as Claybourne already include terpene percentages on their packaging for consumers to explore. This is an exciting next step for understanding the therapeutic benefits of terpenes and exploring which one is right for you. Happy exploring!