By Haddon Libby

Everything that you think you knew about yourself may be a lie.  Assumptions about your origins could be a fraud.  The person who you thought you were most compatible with may be a mistake.  You see, the pseudoscience of astrology had us all believing that there were only twelve zodiac signs when in fact there were thirteen (and possibly fourteen).  Numerous astrologers and scientists state that the Babylonians excluded the thirteenth constellation as they only needed twelve.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson of the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History states that “the zodiac contains fourteen constellations, not twelve.  The Sun, after leaving the constellation of Scorpius, enters the constellation of Ophiuchus.  The confusing conclusion is that most Scorpions are actually Ophiuchans and all Scorpians and Ophiuchans are currently Librans.  The fourteenth constellation in the set is Cetus (which) dips into Pisces.”

On November 30th, NASA will recognize Ophiuchus as the official thirteenth zodiac sign for the first time.  As for the fourteenth zodiac constellation named Cetus, it will continue to be excluded.


Ophiuchus (Greek for “serpent-bearer”) is situated behind the Sun from November 29th through December 17th.  While Ophiuchus has been known about for at least 2,000 years, it was only in 1970 when Stephen Schmidt suggested that Cetus was one of fourteen zodiac sign that people began looking at Ophiuchus seriously…or as seriously as one can consider astrology.

Stephen Schmidt in his book, Astrology 14, stated that Ophiuchus goes from December 6th to the 31st while Cetus runs from May 12th to June 6th.  NASA, DeGrasse Tyson and others believe that Ophiuchus is a bit shorter and earlier than Schmidt while Cetus occurs for less than twenty-four hours on March 14th.

According to NASA, here is the new astrological table:  Scorpio from November 23rd through the 29th; Ophiuchus from November 30th through December 17th; Sagittarius from the 18th through January 20th; Capricorn from the 21st through February 16th; Aquarius from the 17th through March 11th; Pisces from the 12th through April 18th; Aries from the 19th through May 13th; Taurus from the 14th through June 19th; Gemini from the 20th to July 20th; Cancer from the 21st through August 9th; Leo from the 10th through September 15th; Virgo from the 16th through October 30th, and; Libra from October 31st through November 22rd. 

These revised astrology dates correspond with the days that each constellation touches the Sun.  The Sun only touches but does not enter Cetus and accordingly has been excluded from the revised zodiac calendar.

In mythology, Ophiuchus (the serpent bearer) is depicted as having a human upper body with legs that are serpents.  This zodiac was associated with healing images.  Some refer to this zodiac as Serpentarius.  Of all the zodiac images, this is the only one to have connection to a living human being.  That actual person was named Imhotep and lived in ancient Egypt where he worked as a doctor.

For those believing in astrology, Ophiuchans are seekers of peace and harmony and live a life in search of lofty ideals.  Many seek higher education and wisdom.  Someone with this sign would be a good architect, builder or tax person and is likely to be famous to some degree. 

People with this zodiac sign supposedly like vibrant colors including plaid.

For those interested in Cetus, it is depicted as a whale and is considered to represent evil.  Celebrities born on March 14th include Albert Einstein, Stephen Curry, Billy Crystal, Michael Caine and Johann Strauss – five people who we can all agree are the embodiment of evil.

When someone talks about your astrologic sign or chart, ask them if they are basing those opinions on the old, wrong zodiac calendar or the new and improved calendar. 

Haddon Libby is a Financial Advisor and Managing Partner at Winslow Drake and can be reached at 760.449.6349 or