Recognizes the Best of the Valley’s Local Musicians and Bands on Sunday, May 22 at The Riviera in Palm Springs. 4:00pm-9:15pm

Got your tix for the 3rd Annual CV Music Awards? If you purchase your tickets now you can take advantage of the pre-event price of $25. If you wait until the day of the awards show and concert, tickets will be $35 cash at the door. To purchase tickets call 760-501-6228.

Just like national awards shows, like the Grammys or CMAs, this will be the party of the year for local musicians and bands! In only its third year, the CV Music Awards has become one of the most anticipated events on the valley’s music scene!

This year the Awards show has expanded to incorporate more genres of music, more award categories and more performances. There will be 3 parts to this year’s event. The first part, called the Pre-Party will have several performances by bands from the jazz, blues, adult contemporary, reggae, country and male vocalist categories. Thirteen of the 32 nominated awards will be given out during this portion of the show. Happy Hour prices will be provided by the Riviera.

Also during the Pre-party the special “Pioneer Award” will be presented to The Evaro family. (read more about the Evaro’s below).


The second part of the show begins at 6:00pm and goes until 9:15 with performances in several rock categories including, alternative, punk, metal, rap & hip-hop as well as country. The remaining 19 awards will be given out during this part of the show.

During this part of the show the “Trailblazer Award” will be given to local desert rock legends The Hellions and a separate award to Gary Arce (Yawning Man). (read more on both artists below)

This year a “Lifetime Achievement Award” will be given to rock legend Terry Reid. (read full story on him below)

And do to the recent and sudden death of local music store owner and musician, an “In Memory” tribute will be done for Randy Hewitson, owner of Musicians Outlet and SIR. Randy’s close friend John Stanley King will say a few words and perform a special song in his memory.

Emcees for the event include: Patrick Evans (CBS Local 2 meteorologist), Bianca Rae (KESQ Anchorwoman) Bronwyn Ison (owner Evolve Yoga, CV Weekly writer,Tina Marx Show) and Craig Michaels (Craig Michaels Productions/Tina Marx Show).

Winners will be announced in 32 categories. Local bands slated to perform during the awards show are: Bridger, Michael Keeth & Martin Barrera, House of Broken Promises, Se7en4, Jesika Von Rabbit, Hollace, 5th Town, J Patron with Christina Reyes, Lootenant/Jayoh/Million, Lisa Lynn & the Country Gentlemen, YIP YOPS, The Sweat Act, Mikey Reyes & Bryanna Evaro, Drum Hall, Eevaan Tre, Alex Harrington, Rick Shelley, Gina Carey, Thr3Strykes & The Dirty X’s, and a Jazz Jam with Slim Man, Joe Baldino, Rose Mallett, Yve Evans, Smooth Brothers, Cat Lyn Day, Mikole Kaar & Craig Chestnut.  DJ Alex Harrington, also a nominee, will be the resident DJ for both the Pre-party and Awards show. Also in attendance this year will be founder and executive producer of the first Comic Con Palm Springs with several of his cosplay performers.

In addition to the awards show there is an after-party that starts at 9 p.m. with a limited number of $75 VIP party tickets available (includes the 25.00 awards show entry). The VIP tix include a hosted bar that includes Crater Lake Vodka & Gin, Coachella Valley Brewing Co., wine, and food sponsored by Jackalope Ranch. There will also be entertainment by DJ Guy Worden and a full set by nominated 80s cover band, Long Duk Dong, and special “Surprise” performances.

In addition to saluting the great independent music of the Coachella Valley, the CV Music Awards will also support Loving All Animals with all proceeds from the amazing raffle package going directly to them.

There will be a separate raffle of a Special Music package that includes a signed acoustic guitar from the members of Bad Company including Paul Rodgers along with a package of other Bad Company memorabilia and other music prizes.

With its own long history associated with the music and entertainment industry, the Riviera Palm Springs is the perfect spot for this party. The midcentury hotel is located at 1600 N. Indian Canyon Drive. For tickets and information, call (760) 501-6228 or To book a room reservation at the Riviera for the awards night, call 866-588-8311 and mention CV Music Awards to get the special discount rate of $112.00.

Sponsors for the CV Music Awards are: Presenting Sponsor – Hot Purple Energy. Title Sponsors – CV Weekly and The Riviera Palm Springs. Gold Sponsors – Crater Lake Vodka, CV Brewing Company, Jackalope Ranch, Desert Wraps, Musicians Outlet, SIR, CYM Lighting, CV 104.3 and DarMar Awards.


Gary Arce 2016 “Trailblazer Award”

By Lisa Morgan

Gary Arce, world renowned guitarist and founder of, Yawning Man, is one of the most influential bands of the desert rock generator days.  It would seem he has been flying comfortably yet remarkably under the radar for decades, that is of course, if you pay no attention to the constant demand for Yawning Man tours accompanied by sold out concerts and festivals overseas.  Yawning Man’s music heavily influenced the likes of John GarciaJosh Homme, and Brant Bjork (who would later form the legendary stoner rock band Kyuss) to name a few.

“Yawning Man was the sickest desert band of all time… Oh, they’re the GREATEST band I’ve ever seen”~ Brant Bjork, Kyuss/Kyuss Lives!/Vista Chino

“Gary and I have been best of friends since 6th grade. We learned how to love music together, and we learned how to play music together.  We’ve always challenged each other with new ideas and musical directions. Gary has absolutely been one of the most important musicians in my life.” ~ Mario Lalli, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man

According to music writer, HP Taskmaster of The Obelisk, “Arce remains a genuinely underappreciated craftsman in heavy rock and roll…he’s one of the principal architects of the sound born in California’s sands and known commonly as desert rock. His contributions have been pivotal in the creation of a style no less American than Delta Blues and no less imitated worldwide.”

Whether the assumed lack of appreciation is because Arce lacks “pop-sensibility” or a PR company neck deep in handshakes, promises, and cold hard cash, it doesn’t matter; he has never bowed to either, and he never will. Arce’s intuitively divined instrumental projects have bled into other wells of creativity such as Fatso Jetson, Dark Tooth Encounter, Hotel City Wreckers, Ten East , Sort of Quartet, Yawning Sons, and most recently ZUN. A new album, Skyline Pressure, is set to be released soon.

Arce has endured heartache, loss, setbacks, personnel changes, and scarce returns, on a path no one else around him had ventured near while never losing his identity or an ounce of authenticity. For this reason and many more, CV Music Awards is proud to name Gary Arce their 2016 Trailblazer.

Terry Reid 2016 “Lifetime Achievement Award”

By Lisa Morgan

Terry Reid cut his teeth alongside characters the likes of Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, as well as David Bowie, Graham Nash, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davies, Free, Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez, and Jackson Browne, to name a few. He’s spent hours with Bob Dylan discussing music and has collaborated with countless other legends in the music industry, most recently, the Hollywood Vampires (Alice CooperJohnny Depp and Joe Perry).

The story of Reid’s adventures in life and music would take a second lifetime to tell. From seasons of sunny fame to times of wintry obscurity, Reid has always, ALWAYS, been true to the artist within himself. Still to this day, after all the bumps and bruises in an industry that has taken many others out, Terry Reid’s heart and soul overflow with passion for his lifelong mistress: music.

Reid would like to celebrate the day, should it ever come, when he was able to do an interview or meet fans without being identified singularly as “the guy who turned down the job as lead singer for Led Zeppelin.” He’d tell you (in his charming English accent of course), that the story is “Bullshit! I put the band together!”

Reid began to carve out his place in music at the tender age of 15, ultimately touring with bands Cream, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull and most famously, the Rolling Stones during the 70’s British invasion. A session musician with Don Henley and Jackson Browne, Reid also co-wrote a song with Graham Nash, later recorded by Nash for the Hollies and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.   With all he has done over the decades, Reid shows no signs of retirement, as he regularly tours – this year in Ireland as well as England.

Aerosmith guitarist, Joe Perry, tapped Reid this year to collaborate on a new solo song titled, “I’ll Do Happiness.”  “I’m excited to get it out there,” shared Perry in an interview with Classic Rock.  “I had a really great time just hanging with Terry. He’s a really ‘up’ guy, and he’s a class act in the studio. He writes the lyrics on the spot and he just nails the vocals.”

With over ten albums to his name, the most recent released in 2005, it looks like a new record is finally on the reachable horizon: “I’m dying to make another recording,” Reid says with vigor. “I’m always coming up with ideas; I just keep writing. I have a stockpile of songs.”

After an incredible lifetime of music, complete with all the pleasures and hard knocks that the industry could throw at him, Reid will be honored with a Life Time Achievement award at the 2016 Coachella Valley Music Awards.  This will be the first award, but likely not the last, Reid has ever been given.

The Hellions 2016 “Trailblazer Award”

Despite having just released their first full length album, Hymns from the Other Side, earlier this year, The Hellions, Angel Lua on guitar and vocals, Jamie Hargate on guitar, Travis Rockwell on bass and Bob Llamas on drums, will be receiving the 2016 “Trailblazer Award” at the Coachella Valley Music Awards on May 22nd.  Although this may seem a bit unbalanced, the truth is The Hellions have been pioneers of desert rock music for 18 years by performing live and focusing more on the following rather than the fanfare. The Hellions have developed traditions and a legacy. “Basically, we want to be remembered as the band that broke down the performer/audience barrier, by inviting the spectator into our spectacle as rawk ’n’ rollers,” Lua shared. Hargate is equally confident, “The Hellions are bringing the desert some rock ‘n’ roll salvation hit after hit!”

Not only are The Hellions talented musicians but they also care deeply about their community. Whenever asked to perform at a charity event, whatever the cause, they are happy to participate.

Fellow nominated musician Josh Heinz concurs: “You know the obvious thought when you hear the name ‘Hellions’ is, ‘Great. These guys are going to be nothing but trouble. And they’re only going to care about getting themselves into and out of trouble.’ But that isn’t the case at all. They are some of most good natured and fun guys to be around. They enjoy playing rock & roll with a hefty dose of tongue and cheek humor. They are the only band that has played every one of the Autism benefits. They agreed to play the first one when I still didn’t know them that well. They just wanted to give and help out with the cause. Every year they are one of the first bands to ask me when the next is. In fact, there were a few years when I didn’t know if I was going to continue doing the benefit, but they – and Bob in particular – always encouraged me to keep doing it. And besides all that, they write fun and catchy rock songs that I enjoying singing along to.”

Previous “Trailblazer Award” recipient and fellow musician Jeff Bowman:  I’m proud that the Hellions are the much deserved recipients of this year’s CV Music Awards “Trailblazer Award”. In addition to the uniquely “Hellion” look and sound they’ve created, those guys are such dedicated supporters of our music scene, and have been for so many years. You almost can’t go to a show in the desert and not run into at least one of them. And if they’re playing that night, whether they go on at 8:00 or at 1:00, they do it with great energy and great attitudes. Bobby, Jamie, Angel and Travis are four of the most humble and sweet hearted guys I know, and I’m happy to call them friends. Congrats Hellions… Sambuca!!!

  • Photo By Chris Miller/Imagine Imagery

  • Photo By Chris Miller/Imagine Imagery

  • Photo By Chris Miller/Imagine Imagery

The Evaro Family

The Evaros “Pioneer Award”
The Sonny Evaro trio, Sonny, Brother Bobby and Father Jerry Evaro, were playing at I.V. Bowl, “Imperial Valley Bowl” in early June 1960, in Imperial, California.
The De Surno’s were on their way to Phoenix, AZ on business, when they decided to make a quick dinner stop at the IV Bowl where they heard the sounds of “The Sonny Evaro Trio”. They ended up asking the Trio to come and play at the World renowned “Howard Manor” in Palm Springs. Sonny and his trio worked for years at the Howard Manor where Hollywood actors would frequent to hear them perform. Since then Sonny has worked in most of the hotels and clubs here for over 55 years. Sonny has played piano for Louie Armstrong, Charo, Jackie Coogan, Frank Sinatra Jr, Morey Amsterdam, Greer Garson, Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, Sonny & Mary Bono, Trini Lopez, Lalo Guerro and many more.

In the 70’s, Sonny became Entertainment Director at The Rivera Hotel as well as performing with The Evaro Trio and Quartet with his sister Helen Evaro – Higuera. Sonny’s Trio also performed at the Chi-Chi Club, The Tropics Hotel, Banducci’s Bit of Italy, Ingleside Inn, Paul Di Amicos, Erawan Gardens, Fire Cliff and many more…
Their children followed in the music and started playing instruments at a very early age. Instead of giving them a baby rattle to play with they gave them Maracas. The kids would entertain at an early age for parties and their first performance was at the Elmirador Hotel in 1970. Then they signed a recording contract in the LA Supreme court house with AlGlobe records and Wally Roker and John Kern as managers. They had their first record release with “Mama Said” sung by Shirley Evaro, followed by “Dedicated” sung by Kristella Evaro – Higuera, produced by Mike Curb and Mike Lloyd. In 1974 they were in the Harold Examiner, Rolling Stone, Hollywood Reporter, and 16 Magazine.
In 1975, The Evaros released a single that went world- wide called “YaYa” sung by Shirley Evaro, and “Goin’ Back Home” sung by Jerry Evaro and written by Jerry Evaro & Frankie Higuera and produced by Charley Green with Roulette Recording. The Record went on the top 100 charts and hit # 8 in New York. “Ya Ya ” is still being played in Europe and on Funk Radio. The Evaros were also on the “Gong Show” and won, being the only ones in the history of the show to have performed an original called “Evaros”. The Evaro Tradition is still going strong with 4 generations of entertainers still performing.

The Evaro’s have a star in front of the Hyatt Hotel in Palm Springs. They are also known for being Humanitarians and helping in some of the biggest benefits for families in the desert.

Special Mention to our loved ones who have passed who were a big part of “The Evaro’s”.
Father = Gerald Evaro Sr. – Bass Player for “The Evaro Trio”
Brother= Bobby Evaro – Drummer for “The Evaro Trio”
Brother= Al Evaro – Drummer for “The Evaro Quartet’
Niece = Kristella Evaro-Higuera – Singer for “The Evaros”
Son = Jeffrey Evaro – Singer – “The Evaros”