By Noe Gutierrez

The BrosQuitos are the All-American band that we can all be proud of. Four young men who have developed an indie/pop sound unique to the desert, intently moving away from any preexisting desert rock sound. A 2016 Tachevah finalist, Max Powell, John Anthony Clark, James Johnson and Hugo Chavez are garnering steam towards their musical goals.

Coachella Valley Weekly had the opportunity to gather a brief history of the quartet and discuss their musical beginnings, thoughts, inspirations and plans.

Powell was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and moved to California when he was eight years old. Listening to music and going to concerts at an early age, he picked up his first bass guitar when he was 12 and played throughout middle and high school. Clark was born on January 11, 1996 in Hemet, California. He first played guitar in his church’s worship band before forming his own band in high school. John is influenced by guitarists such as Mateus  Asato and Chuck Berry. Johnson was born April 30, 1997 in Palm Springs, CA. He started playing music in 2008 on a single upright piano in middle school. He eventually began writing poetry that ultimately transformed into music. Chavez was born in Baja California. Michael Jackson was his inspiration. He began playing drums in school. His drumming technique is inspired by rhythmic beats and groove patterns that make you move.


 The band shared their mission statement:  “Indie-pop-alt with driven lead, bass hooks with intense dynamics & over-all fizzy pop with massive potential.”

The name ‘BrosQuitos’ has a good hook and seems to allude to a fraternal bond between the four bandmates. The significance behind the band name has not changed but forged.

“The meaning has remained the same, but has of course increased in its worth. The longer we are together the more we learn about each other and our abilities within our music. We’re sure that time will only create more memories and are promised for some-sort of self-fulfillment and success.” Their music alone is an accomplishment, an achievement that has been influenced by some of their favored artists. 

For Johnson, Paul McCartney has always been a motivator of his. “He is a songwriter, man, and sensation that is my ultimate influence. His career is endless and he’s a huge superstar even as an old dude!”

Once Two Door Cinema Club announced that they would be playing Coachella, The BrosQuitos chimed in on their cumulative favorite band. “Awesome! We had the chance to see them this past November at the Shrine in Los Angeles and we have to say, as far as music right now, these guys should be the powerhouse of it all for alternative. They should definitely be a bigger name on the Coachella line-up. They are a ‘do-not-miss’ band and I hope everyone takes the chance to check them out. They’re a huge inspiration to us,” shared Johnson. The BrosQuitos play a similar style.

Their music is up-tempo, colorful and their melodies are well-developed. They share how they reach an end result to songs.

“Most of our writing comes pretty naturally. A simple rehearsal can make some of our best produced songs. Our songs are created in the sense of what we feel like our playlists are missing. There is a quote a famous band once said, not sure which band, but they said that they write what they wish they could hear. We write what we feel music needs; in one way to refresh.” The BrosQuitos have undeniably reinvigorated the desert music scene.

With the Coachella Valley continuing to become a Mecca for music fans from around the world, we asked The BrosQuitos what it’s like to be a part of that rich history.

“We hope that everything bands and artists are making in this area will be held and preserved. Every artist out here is individually eccentric and we could see a Hollywood Star for each act out here. It is a huge honor considering the standing history we have in this area,” shared Johnson. Despite their respect for what has come before them, The BrosQuitos feel more can be accomplished to serve desert artists.

It is the belief of The BrosQuitos that there must be more of an opening for artists during the festival season for the Coachella Valley music scene to reach a new level.

“Giving artists the ability to perform at Coachella and other desert festivals is adding something phenomenal and productive to not only the bands emotional connection to seeing growth, but an effective audience to help them achieve success. More opportunities like that would increase their drive.”

The BrosQuitos remain connected to many local bands/artists.

“We have been keeping up with The Yip Yops. We started at each of our first shows together and they have a tight kinship similar to ours. The Hive Minds have always been in our book. They have awesome driven hooks, guitar solos to groove to and are overall good dudes. The Flusters have been keeping us going also. They’ve got this awesome Interpol vibe with awesome harmonies and visionary structures.” The sincere support The BrosQuitos provide their counterparts is honorable and secures their longevity.

CV Weekly asked where the band will be in five years.

“We will still be recording, grooving and releasing music. This machine won’t stop. We just hope to see the crowds double in five years. We love what we do and won’t give it up for anything.” The BrosQuitos are actively considering their legacy. “We hope to leave behind an exciting career of a simple dream and some music! Genuine music is being taken advantage of. It needs to be shown off within history again.”

What’s next for The BrosQuitos? “We are in progression to release our album. It’s taken quite some time, but we’ve been pushing for a release in 2017. Right now you can find a single of ours on almost any streaming site.” 

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