THIS SATURDAY, July 25th, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. @ Indio Performing Arts Center
Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at

A life changing event will be taking place in Indio, California.  Kids, whose school funded programs in the arts have taken a beating over the years, have committed themselves to an amazing opportunity provided to them by Goldenvoice and Coachella Valley Community Trust – The Academy of Musical Performance (AMP).  Four weeks of intense training by 36 talented, local kids, ages 11-17, will be on display this Saturday, and every music lover should be there to support them.  These kids sacrificed a month of their summer vacation.  The least we can do is sacrifice one Saturday night.  This event could very well be the building block that launches some of these young people into a very tough industry, but who might just have what it takes to affect the future of music.

The Academy of Musical Performance (AMP), a program created by the Coachella Valley Community Trust (CVCT) and funded by Goldenvoice, will be celebrating the end of this four week training session with a final performance by all 36 students accepted into their program.  These students will be performing a concert of songs they spent the entire four weeks learning, in the bands they were placed into.  This program that introduces kids to all aspects of the music business, was originally created with a $1,500 tuition, but was ultimately able to offer scholarships to every single student.

Academy of Musical Performance is made possible with a grant from Goldenvoice, and is designed to advance the musical abilities of participants. It is a summer camp for students who know the basics of instrumentation and vocals and are eager to perform on stage. It also affords the opportunity for those interested in stage production, audio and visual production, event management and promotion to become involved in those aspects of the program. Stage, lighting and sound equipment was generously donated by Center Staging, Felix Lighting and Rat Sound, vendors of Goldenvoice, for the duration of the camp.

“It’s very structured, yet very fluid,” said Peter Aaronson, IPAC Executive Director and AMP Program Administrator. “We found such an amazing group of local instructors to help guide and direct these already very talented students. We grouped them based on musical genres, skill level, and personality. Some of these kids have never played in a band, so there are some interesting dynamics going on here.”


“It’s just been one week and we are all blown away,” said Kate Spates, CVCT board member and AMP promotions instructor, at the launch of this inaugural program. “It’s as if these kids have been working together for weeks, I can’t wait until the final performance.”

This special, final performance of this year’s AMP participants will showcase performances featuring:

GREEN BAND (Foxy Lions) – Humberto Vela, Instructor
• Yevalea (drums) – 9th Grade – North Shore High School
• Josmar (guitar) – 10th Grade – North Shore High School
• Loki (bass) – 8th Grade
• Chance (guitar, vocals) – 9th – Shadow Hills High School
• Tiffany (vocals, keyboards) – 8th – Raymond Cree
• Edith (vocals) – 10th – La Quinta High School
• Mariah (vocals) – 11th – Indio High School
• Audriana (vocals) – 12th – La Quinta High School
• Remy (vocals, percussion) – 10th – Shadow Hills High School

BLUE BAND (The Rodents) – Kevin Smith, Instructor
• Tarah Jade (vocals) – 7th – Palm Desert Charter
• Joelle (vocals) – 7th – Palm Desert Charter
• Nick (drums) – 8th – John Glenn Middle School
• Aiden (guitar) – 8th – John Glenn Middle School
• Jake (bass) – 7th – Palm Valley School

RED BAND (Red Hot Caterpillars) – Mikael Jacobson, Instructor
• Ivan (drums) – 12th Grade – Rancho Mirage High School
• Austin (bass) – 11th Grade – Indio High School
• Noah (guitar) – 7th Grade – John Glenn Middle School
• Kayla (vocals) – 12th Grade – La Quinta High School
• Serra (vocals) – 7th Grade – Cahuilla Desert Academy

YELLOW BAND (I Left My Salad Dressing In the Car) – Peggy Zeigler, Instructor
• Israel (drums, guitar, vocals, songwriter) – 8th – Desert Ridge Academy
• Kayla (guitar, vocals, songwriter) – 9th Grade – Shadow Hills High School
• Faith (piano, guitar, bass) – 9th Grade – Shadow Hills High School
• Raquel (vocals) – 8th Grade – Desert Ridge Academy

HORN SECTION/BAND – Darren, Instructor
• Marypaz (horns) – 8th Grade – Desert Ridge Academy
• Emily (horns) – 9th Grade – La Quinta High School
• Roman (horns) – 8th Grade – Cuhna Intermediate School
• Lena (horns) – 8th Grade – Desert Ridge Academy

• Micah (sound, drums) – 10th Grade – Palm Desert High School
• Mathieu (lights, video) – 8th Grade – Palm Desert Charter Middle School

About Coachella Valley Community Trust:

The Coachella Valley Community Trust (formerly the Indio Youth Task Force) is a unique, non-profit organization originally established in 1994 by the Indio Police Department and concerned citizens in an effort to stem gang activity. The organization continues to this day as CVCT networks with more than 100 community based organizations, including school districts, service organizations, local businesses, media, parents, law enforcement, probation, parks and recreation districts, boys & girls clubs, non-profits and religious organizations, all in its mission of fostering productive and responsible young people through effective community collaborations.

WHEN:  SATURDAY, July 25th, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

WHERE:  Indio Performing Arts Center (IPAC), located at 45-175 Fargo Street, Indio, CA

Tickets are $5 can be purchased at and are also available at the door

For more information about CVCT or AMP, please visit or call (760) 863-2333.