By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

“If you can compare collective humanity to a beautiful tapestry with pictures created from weaving a collection of individual threads, you can imagine how we are all connected.” (pg 13, Gratitude + Forgiveness X Love = Happiness)

Every human being is like one of those individual threads in a tapestry. In the tapestry, each thread plays a unique role in contributing to the whole picture just as each human plays an equally important role in creating collective humanity.

If we think about how a tapestry as a whole is affected by events that impact the individual threads, or groups of threads, we realize that what happens to one, happens to all. If threads become torn or stained, the entire tapestry is altered. The same holds true for humanity. When one person or a group of people have experiences changing them in any way, collective humanity shifts as a result.


The new age community has been talking about the “new paradigm” for some time now. The explanations vary as to what exactly this means but the consensus is that we are moving into a new era that has us identify more deeply with a unity mentality. The “old paradigm”, also referred to as the “separation paradigm”, kept our souls occupied with the study of how perceived division among human beings impacts outcomes. We learned well how to identify our differences as detriment and as a result, separation became our reality.

As the new paradigm anchors itself in our world something wonderful is happening! We are feeling naturally compelled to explore our deep connection to one another, and simultaneously celebrate our unique attributes rather than condemning them for setting us apart. The old paradigm would have us believe that a snort-laugh or a birth mark was an embarrassing imperfection! The new paradigm allows us to expand our view and see that these attributes add more color to the Human Tapestry. As we gain the ability to see from this vantage point of the new paradigm, we become acutely aware of how tightly woven and connected we are as unique and colorful individuals creating a collective reality.

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