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By Thomas Novak

Another Wednesday has come, and with it came another slew of new comic titles on the shelves for fans to dive into, all courtesy of their local Comic book shop! It’s a place that one would think by now should be held in a higher regard than it actually is.  Let’s face it: Popular culture has made comic books “cool” to the point where these properties have inspired an onslaught of merchandise.

So the question remains: why aren’t more fans recognizing the importance of their local Comic Shop? While there is no absolute answer to that question, one can’t help to still ask…I mean these are the stores where “Geek Culture” was spawned and is still, despite the economy, thriving. Now I realize comic shops are considered specialty stores, and no one needs their products in order to survive. However, these establishments are generally run by fans. Fans who most of the time just wanted to share their love of the product with other fans, while making a living at the same time.

Now why, in today’s digital age, should fans bother venturing out and checking out a comic shop in their area? Well, what do you have to lose? Yes, there’s the whole ‘going outside and socializing with people’ thing, but honestly: leave the house already. No one really wants to be the person who willingly lives like “Watchmen” writer Alan Moore, and calls an actual cave home. That’s just disturbing. Plus, digital comics don’t actually exist. Even though you paid to download something, you’ve just been tricked into paying for the right to view a copyrighted material whenever you want. Your purchase just translates to a bunch of digital code, so why not buy the real thing?

 Also, most folks don’t realize that comic shops don’t just sell comics and graphic novels. Most stores also carry board and card games like “Magic: The Gathering”, and all the other related merchandise fans actively look for! Besides, if you’re reading this, you’ve more than likely bought the t-shirts and other stuff, so why not go to the place where you can check out the books responsible for making Harley Quinn the fan favorite she is. On top of that, there’s always a bit of excitement in discovering books, no matter what websites like “Newsarma” or “Bleeding Cool” say. Yes, even in the comic world, there are sites that disguise themselves as “news sites” to push their ideals upon fans.

Lastly, most people forget about the economic impact and the benefit of supporting a comic shop. 97% of the time they’re a locally-owned business, and we all know that supporting a locally-owned business helps that business grow. So with all I’ve said, what are you waiting for?