If you have tried Keto and felt like it stopped working for you, or you weren’t sure if you were doing it right or maybe you just felt something was missing and you should be getting better results. There is so much confusing information online it’s frustrating to know what to do.  I want to reassure you that you are firmly in the right place.  Read on to find out more.   I’m here to prove that Keto works! Don’t ever give up on it or yourself!

If you are willing to approach Keto with a different passion and purpose there are ways to make it work so it fits perfectly for you…When Keto is matched to your personality and your lifestyle, you’ll be much happier, more confident and lose weight faster. You won’t be second-guessing yourself.  Your Keto confidence will be on fire!

I’m excited to launch my new Keto personality quiz that’s been based on many years of coaching women with my customization process that matches Keto the the individual.  There simply isn’t a one-size-fits-all Keto.


Here’s a brief description of each personality.  This will give you a sense of how Keto will be designed just for YOU.  Let’s break down the 4 Keto personalities

KRAZY for Keto (YOU LOVE Keto as a lifestyle. You are a Lifer)

You feel you were born to Keto and KRAZY for the Keto lifestyle. You love the delicious Keto food that leaves you happy and satiated. Yet, low-fat diets leave you irritable and always hungry. After a while as a “lifer” you may feel you need to fine tune your Keto for better results, or you’ve fallen “off the wagon” and need help getting back on.  My Krazy for Keto clients, like you, often rely on me to reach their goal weight and then maintain their weight loss goals effortlessly. Sometimes, when we are a keto lifer, we can be frustrated because EVEN THOUGH we’re eating keto if we hit a struggle we don’t want to give up.  There are many ways to stay long term.

ALMOST Keto (I’m KETO-ish! and switch between Keto and Low Carb)

Your personality is an ALMOST KETO and YOU LOVE the idea of a hybrid diet switching between Keto and low carb. It’s simple and makes keto sustainable for you and boosts your results. You have the discipline to do it and you know how to stay consistently keto and then alternate with low carb. You LOVE living outside the Keto Box. You are happy about your choice to live and love Keto your way…and keep your love affair going with Keto and low carb and never have to choose just one.

WEEKDAY Keto (I LOVE the option to take the weekend off and be flexible)

You’re a WEEKDAY KETO-er and you love the flexibility to live life large on the weekends without going off the rails and completely undoing what you did during the week to lose weight!  You don’t do “carb cycling” where you significantly limit your carbs on days off. As a WEEKDAY KETO-er you know how to enjoy life but still be aware of carbs. You don’t want to feel like you are yo-yoing or let yourself be tempted to not return to your WEEKDAY KETO way of living.  You are happy about your choice to live and love Keto your way…during the WEEK.

SIDE CHICK Keto (You use Keto as a tool as needed to control your weight) 

If You’re a SIDE CHICK Keto, and despite what the rest of the Keto world wants you to believe, there is NO SHAME in it. You LOVE being a Side Chick Keto-er because you know Keto is the FASTEST way to lose weight and you know how to use Keto as a tool to manage your weight. Sometimes Side Chick keto-ers need some tips and help to maintain their weight so they don’t constantly feel like they are yo-yoing.  They often want to learn to love being a SIDE CHICK even more as they return to their normal way of eating and living.

Are you ready to fall in love with Keto, your way?  WAY beyond macros, custom meal plans and expensive supplements.  Are you starting to see how YOU CAN have your own unique keto personality and create a Keto journey that will work for you?  Imagine the possibilities of a program designed to help you lose weight based on your personality where you’ll reach your health goals — in the FASTEST & EASIEST way possible!

When I started Keto nearly 4 years ago and followed the advice online it left me baffled and uncertain.  The customization process and personality Keto types have been developed from my own journey and that of countless clients.  It became clear very quickly that one size fits all isn’t sustainable for the majority of women especially long term.  If Keto doesn’t fit your personality, your lifestyle and everything that makes you unique it’s just human nature that you won’t want to stick with it.

Take the Quiz

I hope I’ve put a fire in your belly for Keto and stimulated you to think outside of the standard Keto box to discover a different and more effective way to Keto.   My final message for you today is “Don’t give up on Keto.  It Works when customized for you and let’s your personality shine”.

Take the quiz here and find out your Keto Personality.  Then set up a 30-minute free consult and we’ll review it in detail.

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