By Tracy Dietlin

“We are really excited about the new show and all the possibilities it will bring to our valley,” proclaim hosts Tina Marx and Conrad Negron.

The show will explore new places in order to provide viewers with an opportunity to learn about and experience the desert as it is today while focusing on shedding light on a variety of issues as well as various outlets of entertainment.

The show will be filmed all over the valley from exciting events in Palm Springs to the new airport in Thermal and everywhere in between.

Conrad recently hosted a daily radio show on Money Radio when Tina came aboard as a co-host, and they became quickly acquainted and worked as a cohesive unit with a strong ability to communicate with their audience. Marx and Negron created the model for the TV show, and as Negron says “it will be a fast paced and exciting show.” They will cover events and things the news just does not cover. Tina mentions, “We will be ahead of the news.”


Tina is a Certified Life Coach with a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Counseling.  She has authored two books: “The Domino Effect: Fear vs. Faith” and “Intimacy: Into You and Me I See”. She also hosted her own local TV show “The Domino Effect” for the past few years where she interviewed local experts in various fields.  Tina is a native of the desert raised in Rancho Mirage, California.

Negron possesses over 30 years of experience as an energetic leader. Through his broad range of professional experiences, he succeeded in developing strength and longevity in all areas of the financial services sector. Negron’s ability to communicate effectively has allowed him to cultivate enduring relationships with associates, business partners and most importantly a target audience.

Conrad was born in Los Angeles, CA and he serves on the Board of Directors of “The Independent Living Partnership” and “One Voice for Peace”.

The shows initial sponsors are Cardinal Energy Group (CEGX), Impression Design, CV Weekly, and Ritaway Investment Group.

Tina and Conrad have many contributors to the show including Mr. Morris R. Beschloss, Dr. Edward Gordon, Nina Pucillo, Tracy Dietlin, Mr.Tim Crawford and Mr. Andrew Abernathy to name a few.

The Let’s Talk Coachella Valley website is currently being updated and will become an interactive site showcasing guests and their sponsors. If anyone is interested in being a sponsor or guest contact Tina or Conrad at 760 574 6806 or via e-mail