By Julie Buehler

A-Rod is an A-hole. This much I know.

Bud Selig is a spineless commissioner who’s greatest work is Oscar-worthy acting as he ignored the rampant steroid abuse in the sport. Got that one fully comprehended.

I understand that A-Rod was given a stiff 211 game suspension for his interaction with a South Florida-based Biogenesis clinic run by a guy named Tony Bosch.

I know these basic highlights (lowlights for baseball fans) from the past year’s worth of investigations, panderings and posturings, between baseball, A-Rod and Bosch.


1) Bosch claimed to be a doctor, but he lied. In fact, he is currently under criminal investigation by the Attorney General in Florida. He could be facing a lot more than 211 days behind bars.

2) A-Rod was not the only big-time athlete found in connection with Biogenesis and Bosch. Not even close. He was just one of many high-profile clients.

3) A-Rod was not the only big-time athlete that was slapped with a suspension based on the evidence collected through Bosch and Biogenesis. He was just one of many baseball players that faced consequences.

4) A-Rod has lied before about his usage of performing enhancing drugs.

5) The majority of baseball’s evidence supporting these suspensions was provided by Bosch and his crew. Which could
be problematic, see Point 1 about Bosch’s credibility.

So when A-Rod vowed to sue baseball if they moved forward with the suspension, it was obvious the pendulum of justice could swing wildly depending on which liar, Bosch or A-Rod, provided sufficient evidence to support their lies. And with that notion, it became clear that this would be ugly… like watching 2 fat ladies mud wrestle. No one wins.

And like two fat ladies sloshing in the mud, it was only a matter of time before spectators got splattered.

That happened on November 21st as A-Rod “lost his mind” when an appointed arbitrator ruled against his motion. He kicked a briefcase, slammed his fist on the table and cursed out the room during an appeal hearing in front of the guy MLB and the players’ union agreed upon to decide his suspension appeal.

He didn’t stop there though. No, he jumped from one pigsty to another in the form of WFAN’s Mike Francesa’s steaming pile of sports talk.

A-Rod, finding his soft, albeit questionable, landing proceeded to deny all allegations, declared the process to be fraudulent, and Bud Selig the villain for suspending him.

“What we saw today, it was disgusting,” Rodriguez said. “And the fact that the man from Milwaukee (Selig) that put this suspension on me with not one bit of evidence. Something that I didn’t do. He doesn’t have the courage to come look me in the eye and tell me this is why I did 211? I shouldn’t serve one inning …”

Francesa, asked A-Rod a few pointed questions that any moderately prepared defendant would be quick to answer. Stuff like, “Did you do anything wrong? Did you do what they said you did? Did you use performance enhancing drugs?” and A-Rod, as any moderately prepared defendant would, answered a short “No” to the peppering.

Francesa claimed he did his journalistic duty by asking the “tough questions” but he jumped in the mud with A-Rod. Because he failed to ask the one question that no one has asked and that A-Rod has never had to answer: “Why YOU Alex? Why are YOU the ONLY guy Selig is trying to destroy? Why are YOU the ONLY player to get 211 games?”

Francesa failed to clean the matter up by pouring out some common sense and rather, just let A-Rod sully the conversation more.

IF what A-Rod is alleging is true, there must be a motive behind Selig’s campaign. What could that possibly be? Why on earth would ARod be the target of MLB? He was openly supported by his team. Hal Steinbrenner was still stroking him paychecks.

My one question to A-Rod: “Exactly WHY do you think Selig, the man from Milwaukee, wants to end your career?” Is it personal? Did you not send a Christmas card last year and Selig was offended? Did you end up taking the last beer from the fridge and Selig lost it? Did you leave the toilet seat up one too many times?

None of this makes sense.

I am sure- SURE- that MLB botched this investigation. Bosch is a liar and I guarantee he lied to MLB.

But I am also sure –SURE- that A-Rod is a liar and shouldn’t play another day of professional baseball in America.

I do know he wasn’t the only guy punished in the Biogenesis scandal, just the most severely because apparently he obstructed the investigation into the lies a liar told other liars to lie about to make money.

So once these two sides stop flopping in all their self-induced filth, it will be safer for the public to watch. Until then, just enjoy “Buehler’s Day Off” every day from 3-6 pt on

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