The American standard of popping pills and treating the symptom of the underlying disease is really not creating health in our society. Instead, this subscription to big pharma is leaving patients to contend with more pills to treat side effects of the first pills, trapping them in a vicious cycle of pharmaceuticals.

There are many schools of thought regarding health, and while much of society is satiated by the prescriptions advertised by the drug companies, others have had their fill and are looking for a more sensible and natural approach to healing. We are becoming disenchanted with the synthetic foods and medicines that beget more synthetic medicine. And while we search for health through outside means, there are some doctors who believe the key to health lies within each and every one of us.

I sat down with Dr. Anthony Usera in Palm Desert to learn more about the philosophy and practice of chiropractic care which touts that we as human beings already hold the innate wisdom to health and healing within ourselves. Dr. Anthony explained his mission: To liberate the world by reconnecting the physical man to spiritual man through the power of chiropractic. His personal beliefs resonate with the philosophy of chiropractic care: health comes from the inside.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, health is defined as “the state of being sound in body and mind, and especially freedom from physical disease and pain”. Although many people turn to chiropractic to treat back and neck pain, chiropractic is about maintaining optimal function in the nervous system. By adjusting the spine and creating a sound pathway for our cells to function and communicate clearly, pain naturally diminishes and health is ultimately unleashed and restored. Dr. Anthony states, “You can’t put something in you to get healthy, health is already within. You just have to release it.”

He likened our body’s performance to that of a famous pianist. If the piano player is functioning at his peak level, but his instrument is not properly tuned, then the song will suffer due to the physical, structural limitation of the piano. The music will not sound right, yet this has nothing to do with the talented musician. He pressed the right keys at the right time. He possesses the same gift and talent and he did the day before on the perfectly tuned piano where his work was a masterpiece. But this performance is lacking and it’s not his fault, it was the untuned piano.

And just like the piano, your body’s physical structure and optimal function can be sacrificed, but your innate wisdom is still 100%, you are just unable to express the perfect wisdom and potential. Therefore in order to express optimum health, the structure must be repaired. That’s why more people are turning to chiropractic care for healing. It works. It helps to align the structural integrity so the energy and communication channels can flow freely.

So the next time you feel inclined to pop another pill to treat another symptom, try to take a look at the whole. Perhaps a gentle adjustment or two might be what the doctor ordered to get you on the path to healing and well-being, from the inside out.