By Aimee Mosco

You soul comes into this world and inhabits a body to have a physical experience. The lessons you get from your human experience have been carefully calculated by your soul. In other words, you have a very specific purpose for being here even if you don’t consciously understand what it is.UNI Podcast 6 “For the Greater Good of All. Finding Your True Passion,

Everyone has a purpose. When you don’t know what it is, but feel the pull to find out, it’s often times because you are restless, you have decisions to make about the future, or you are unclear as to why you have either engaged in, or cycled with past scenarios. If you are feeling that pull, your soul is sending the message that you have graduated to a new level of consciousness, and it’s time to get serious about living your true purpose!

How do you go about finding your purpose?

Good old soul searching is the best place to start because this unites you with a vantage point that allows you to see things you cannot see as an engaged participant in your life. To look inward, you must step out of your role as an active participant and simply observe. That is where important details come in to focus for you.


The first part of a soul search is about asking questions such as “who am I? what am I made of?” rather than “what should I do?”. The latter question is much easier to answer when you have already figured out answers to “who am I?” and “what are my innate talents?”.

So, the first order of business with your soul search is – getting to know your inner self deeply, which forms a foundation of clarity for actions you will take.

The next part of your soul search leads you to identifying what circumstances allow you to exercise your unique talents in ways that serve your own good as well as greater good. During this discovery period, you may feel prompted to ask a question such as “which of my talents serve me as well as others best?”.

The answers that come from those questions will guide you toward action that meets your soul purpose.

When you know who you are, what talents you possess, and how those talents serve you and others in the best way, you have prepared yourself to answer the question of “what should I do?” with greater ease.

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