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DISCLAIMER: If you have a medical condition always ask a licensed medical professional if sun exposure is recommended for you.

It’s summertime! It’s a term most living in the Northern Hemisphere cannot wait to hear. That special time of the year when the sun is hot and shining more than not, and when winter chills and moody blues are replaced by fun and positive vibes.

Here in the Coachella Valley, we don’t have the problem of having to wait until summer to soak in the sun’s life-giving rays. For us, the sun is warm or hot, and shining all year. This not only lends to a great tan but inspires more solar panel purchases than in gloomier parts of the country. But summer in the desert can be too sunny for some. Most days between June and September are loitered with [close to] or over one-hundred-degree temperatures, which, yes, is a pain for those who like to get outside, fix up the yard, or tinker with some other outdoor project. But don’t be too upset at that great big ball of heat in the sky, for it can be used as the source for a myriad of good and improved health benefits. Fortunately, winter is here! The sun is still shining, but the air is now cool – perfect for getting back outside and enjoying some fun and activity.


As the Coachella Valley comes out of its summer hibernation, a proverbial smorgasbord of activities reopens to the adventurous. If you enjoy golf, or the crazy variety, you’ll find courses galore! If you love nature, are an artist or photographer, our valley offers some of the most scenic views – a hike away. Locations such as, La Quinta Cove, the Oasis near Dillon Road in Sky Valley, or perhaps a hike to the waterfall at Tahquitz Canyon might spark inspiration for the next Picasso! Whatever your outdoor activity may be, make sure you get some, and here’s why.

Do you know the importance of vitamin D?

Vitamin D can be found in foods like eggs, tuna, beef liver, and dairy, but the main source of this wonder vitamin is given to us humans free of charge by the sun.

Vitamin D is responsible for assisting several vital processes in the human body. From immune system function, to regulating hormones, and to instructing our body to produce the right amount of melatonin, which regulates our Circadian Rhythm, or human body sleep-wake cycle.

For the younger contingent of civilization, sleep-wake cycles aren’t usually a problem. When we are young and growing – approximately until the age of 25, our bodies produce high levels of growth hormone. Growth hormone naturally helps us to get deep and a restful night’s sleep. As soon as we reach the ripe ‘ol age of 30, growth hormone levels steadily decline year after year. Eventually, those long and restful night’s sleep become a distant dream of the past. Stimulating vitamin D by direct exposure to sunlight daily can help restore a restful night’s sleep. This occurs because melatonin levels are elevated by the sun.

Did you know that daily sun exposure was once used to cure rickets? Rickets is caused by a vitamin D deficiency causing skeletal deformities. And for those of you men who like lifting weights, sun exposure can help turn soft muscles into hard muscles. In ancient Greece, Herodotus recommended the sun as a “cure for weak and soft muscles” to Olympians. Sun exposure was used to increase athletic performance.

You may be wondering, why all this talk about sun. We see it every day, we’ve dealt with its harsh rays all throughout the summer, and quite frankly we’re tired of it. Well, the purpose of this article is to get you to fall in love with the sun. Its benefits far outweigh a few months of over one-hundred-degree temperature days.

The recommended daily allowance for sun exposure by physicians is 20 minutes. That’s all you need. This exposure will generally help your immune system stay on track and prevent autoimmune conditions from developing or flaring up. Autoimmune conditions often originate because vitamin D levels are too low. Sun exposure will help you sleep, your muscles grow and become firmer, and it will take away a pale and pasty complexion. Did we mention that it will also make you a happier person? Why do you think all those “sun birds” visit us here for the winter?

Do your health a favor from here on. Get out into our gorgeous Coachella Valley. Do some hikes, play some golf, paint, and photograph our scenery, fix up the yard, walk, cycle, run, and be merry!

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