If you have been living in the Coachella Valley for the past 25 years, the chances that Bob Scatch has been the DJ at a wedding or nightclub you attended are pretty good.

Bob grew up working in his family restaurant business in the early 1980’s. While this served as a temporary way to pay the bills, Bob admits he always had an interest in audio and visual production, and deep down knew he needed to follow his dreams. Eventually Bob mustered up the courage and the drive to pursue his passion—he started producing videos for all the promotions at two local nightclubs, Brandy’s and Zelda’s. The club owners quickly became impressed with his dedication and it wasn’t long before Bob launched his DJ career at these clubs.

Over the years, Bob honed his DJ skills doing mobile gigs when he wasn’t working at some of the hottest nightclubs in the Valley. In the past, if you frequented clubs like Cecil’s on Sunrise, Pompeii, Bananaz, and South Beach, then you have probably requested your favorite song to be played by DJ Bob. When asked how many clubs he has played at, Bob can count up to about 20 before he starts losing track. “Clubs are always fun until I get that one person that says ‘Can you play something I can dance to?’ I usually just laugh and point to the packed dance floor,” Bob confesses.

Due to his precise song mixing and tight board operations the name “Bullet Bob Scatch” was given to him by a fellow DJ.  Bob’s experience and ability to play all types of music while paying attention to detail has kept him gainfully employed. However, it’s what Bob does in between his gigs that completes his life.


Just about every Sunday, you can find Bob running the sound board at Our Saviors Community Church in Palm Springs. Sometimes it’s not easy getting up on Sunday mornings after a late Saturday night gig, but when asked about donating time to his church Bob vows, “It’s very satisfying to serve the Lord!”

Bob’s Community service doesn’t stop at church. He also finds time to help local charities such as Variety Club of the Desert, Desert Aids Project and the Palm Springs Preservation Society—just to name a few.

When Bob is not DJing or donating his time to local charities, he enjoys spending time with Deby, his beautiful wife of 20 years.  If you would like to contact Bob about playing music for your party you can e-mail him at djbobscatch@gmail.com or you can dance to his tunes at the “Stir Lounge” in the Renaissance Esmeralda in Indian Wells (where Bob is currently one of the resident DJs.)

Written By: Craig Michaels

Musical Affair Entertainment

760 619-3276

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