by Lisa Morgan

If you think about it, there really hasn’t been a group to emulate the energy, cross-genre appeal and success that has been owned by the Beastie Boys since their debut of Licensed to Ill in 1986. Thr3 Strykes, I believe, has the absolute capacity to fill that vacancy in today’s music scene with their personalized, contemporary flare. From the millisecond their feet touched the stage at the Hood Bar, the energy just about blew the doors off the building leading me to finally understand fully the phrase “Raising the Roof”. It was obvious that these artists live, breathe and bleed their art. There are three distinct, magnetic personalities pouring out their thug poetry with passion and precision, honoring some of their predecessors in the genre with great skill. My guess is MCA was looking down proudly on this younger collaboration. Thr3 Strykes has that “it” factor that ultimately put the Beastie Boys into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, only the third group in the genre to be honored. That “It” factor is a genuine like-ability of the individuals combined with a no holds barred pouring out of passion, skill and heart. They left it all on the floor. They owned the crowd. If they continue to do what they did that night at the Hood and stay healthy in mind, body and soul, in an industry that will bleed you out if you let it, the sky is the limit for Thr3 Strykes.