By Denise Ortuno

With a decadent list of flavors, Tiffany’s Sweet Spot will take you on an adventure in cupcakes and customized cookies.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, which ended up being the case for Tiffany and Ben Thorpe. It was 7 years ago when Tiffany needed an inexpensive way to make her daughter’s birthday party extra special. After some research, she decided to bake up some party fun, and taught herself to make adorable and delicious cookies. Soon after the party, friends and family wanted more of her specialized cookies, and before she knew it, she and her husband Ben had opened a cookie shop in La Quinta, at the La Quinta Valley Plaza.

But the story was just beginning. It turns out that Ben had special cupcake powers, and after putting the cupcakes front and center, they ended up stealing the show. Their cupcakes even got into battle on the Food Networks “Cupcake Wars”, and were later featured on the networks website. Tiffany doesn’t seem to mind that Ben’s cupcakes have taken the spotlight, as she loves being at the front of the shop engaging with their customers, while Ben is in the back creating cupcakes, “My husband is very creative in the kitchen”, she says.


Cupcakes themselves evoke a sense of whimsy. They can be decorated in numerous ways, stretching the imagination. They are also smaller than committing to a whole piece of cake, making them just a sliver in sweet indulgence next to its larger cake counterpart.

At Tiffany’s Sweet Spot, the cupcake choices are abundant. They have about 23 daily cupcakes to choose from, and also have specials that rotate, as well as seasonal flavors (such as pumpkin and peppermint). Selections such as Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch, Vanilla Salted Caramel and Boston Cream Pie, can make any cupcake lover’s sweet tooth cry out for joy. As I looked at the menu, I really didn’t know what to choose, and was leaning towards quelling my chocolate craving, when Tiffany said that one of their most popular cupcakes was the Tres Leches, which is a light sponge cake, make silky by using three milks. Their Tres Leches cupcake is creamed filled and topped with whipped cream and a Dolce de Leche caramel drizzle. Since I’ve never had Tres Leches, I was excited to try it. I expected it to be heavy, with all of the milk and cream, but it was surprisingly light, and even refreshing, as the caramel balanced out the sweetness with subtlety.  I kept eating it thinking that I would get that overly sweet feeling, but I didn’t…it was super delicious and I understand why it is a top seller. 

Besides their captivating cupcakes, they also offer customized cookies. They make them in different shapes and colors to order, perfect for special events and parties. They also have the cutest little mini cupcakes and cake pops, and have delved into making cinnamon rolls.

The Thorpe’s, look forward to expanding someday to increase their confection reach. But for now, they are happily baking and enjoy the success and the sweetness of their shop.

To satisfy your next sugar attack, stop into Tiffany’s Sweet Spot and bite into one of their gorgeous creamy cupcakes. It will be a sweet adventure!  

Tiffany’s Sweet Spot is located at 79-410 Hwy 111, Ste 101, La Quinta 92253