Week 7 of the Fall/Winter edition of the Tilted Kilt Open Mic Competition brought a great time for the musicians and audience members. There were giveaways galore… Fireball t-shirts from the Tilted Kilt, a Massage Certificate from EstheticX.Obsession Massage & Wax Bar and new movie release t-shirts from the Mary Pickford Theatre were awarded to a rowdy audience. The crowd was warmed up and ready to cheer on their favorite performer. At nights end CKeelay a Movie Ticket Package from the Mary Pickford Theatre. CKeelay will now compete in the finals for a shot at the grand prizes of a $500 shopping spree at Guitar Center, a 3 day trip to Las Vegas from Crater Lake Vodka and an entire weekend recording session with producer, Ronnie King at his Chateau Relaxo (valued at $10,000)! Second place was awarded to The BrosQuitos, a popular local band, but new to the Open Mic Competition who also took home a Movie Ticket Package from the Mary Pickford Theatre. Talented musicians, Ryder and Jackie, placed 3rd and were also awarded a movie ticket package from the Mary Pickford Theatre.

What talented musicians and singers we have perform for us each week! THANK YOU for sharing your passion for music: Daniel Scope, Marco Thoma, James Velasquez, Austin Lawrence, Felipe Reyes, Mike Sick-boy, Christian, Paul Gihren, Will Kelly, Damien De Leon and Rick A Dame! Look for coverage of this week’s event in Coachella Valley Weekly. Special thanks to all of our sponsors: Ronnie King Music, Crater Lake Vodka, Guitar Center, EstheticX.Obsession Massage & Wax Bar, Mary Pickford Theater, CV Weekly, Skitzo Kitty, Abe’s Brand and Happy Sushi, Riccio’s Seak Seafood and Pasta.

Remember, the competition is ALL AGES and runs EVERY WEDNESDAY. YOU may compete EVERY week! Sign in at 7pm. The show runs from 8pm – 11pm. The audience votes by applause so BRING YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY and FANS and make sure they stay until voting time!!! See you there. For questions or information about sign-up, please contact your competition host, Morgan James at (714) 651-1911 or OpenMicContact@gmail.com