By Bronwyn Ison

Growing up I often heard, “time on task.” Translation: Time on task is the length of time spent actively involved on a task.  Most of us are easily distracted in our fast paced society.  We are derailed by some of the most miniscule of things and it obfuscates our concentration.  Generally, I am interrupted numerous times while writing my articles.  When we are in ebb and flow, distractions can be the worst curse.

Each of us measure our lives based upon time.  There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, 60 seconds to a minute and so on.  We all understand time and how important and valuable our time is down to the second.

Educators are most commonly known to use time on task techniques to keep their students engaged.  It also improves their capabilities to remain focused for longer periods of time.  There is certainly somewhat of a science in conjunction with keeping on track.

Without getting overly technical and possibly overwhelming you, are you able to stay on task?  Are you easily distracted in your day-to-day activities?  You are likely the average American and remaining on task with anything is challenging.  Compose a list of areas in your life you need to improve.  Then allocate time towards improving this area of your life.

Every year our taxes need to be filed by April 15. Why is it that many people procrastinate and file for an extension?  Did you not allow yourself enough time to focus on your forecasted accomplishment?  Truly, you didn’t stay time on task.  By all means I am not judging you.  I do understand life circumstances arise.  Overall, it has to due with balancing your time.

When it comes to lesser day-to-day responsibilities we are easily distracted by emails, text messages, household chores, unexpected errands or interruptions. I can attest, and I am right there with you.  I presume my question is; how do we get a better handle on ensuring time on task?  The best advice I can share is to circle back around and revisit the original topic.  Compose a list before entering a meeting.  Ensure prior to the end of your discussion that you have checked off and covered every topic you needed to address.

Practice, practice and more practice will help you improve and hone your skills.  We are a work in progress.  Recognizing you can veer off course is half the battle.  If you make a check list and complete your to-do list you will feel less stressed.  You are in control so don’t allow others to hijack your time when you have a job to complete.

Remain focused, diligent and motivated to get your work completed. You will feel better about your accomplishments!  When you stray off course, remind yourself… Time on Task!

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA