There certainly is no better place than the Coachella Valley during the winter season. So many great things to do, see and no shortages of great food and entertainment!

The top of my list is Lord Fletcher’s in Rancho Mirage. The reason why is not because of the great food, but the hospitality of the staff that works there. It’s like a “Cheers Bar” where most everyone knows one another.

Sandra always greets you at the door with a warm, calm, friendly smile, patiently waiting until the 5:00 hour strikes to allow the patrons in.


Sir Andrew is the main man behind the bar. Like an old friend, he treats everyone with kindness and respect but has one of the greatest senses of humor. Always in a good mood and like a good therapist, listens and accommodates everyone never missing a beat.

Michael the owner who looks like a former NBA or NFL linebacker but is a gentle giant who I love to share wine tastes with in between managing his crew. He is very knowledgeable and loves sharing his love and knowledge about wine.

If you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and get there this season. You won’t be disappointed!